Outdoor Upholstery

Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable place to relax, eat, and gather. There’s no reason your backyard deck or rooftop hangout has to be cold and sparse. Use outdoor cushions, lounge chair pillows, and boat cushion upholstery from Beckenstein Fabrics & Interiors to make it warm, inviting, and interesting.

Outdoor and Indoor Fabric

Sun, rain, children, and pets. Outdoor fabrics serve as a durable and attractive solution for furniture with rugged demands. They work as well on the patio as they do in the living room. What makes outdoor fabric unique is their resistance to both fading and staining. They stand tough against mildew brought on by wet conditions, both sun and rain, heat and dampness. Outdoor cushion covers are a simple way to stock up on a variety of styles so that you can easily swap them out for any occasion.

Give us a call or visit our New York City store, located in the heart of Manhattan, to choose from a wide selection of beautiful and durable fabrics with which to accent your outdoor furniture.

Experienced Consultants

Our design consultants will guide you through every step of your project.

On-site Measurements

Not sure how to properly measure your furniture or space? We’ll handle it for you.

Pick-up an Delivery

Don’t lift a finger. We’ll pick up your furniture and deliver it back when the work is done.

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