Velvet Fabric NYC – Buy it at Beckenstein

Looking to buy velvet fabric in NYC?

You can buy velvet fabric in NYC at Beckenstein!!

And we happen to know a LOT about it.

Learn a bit about how velvet is made by looking at this picture, then reading the information that corresponds to the numbers:

picture of velvet fabric in nyc

  1. Ground fabric. This is what the thread is woven into to make the…
  2. Epinglé. What is epinglé, you ask? Epinglé is thread once it is woven into the ground fabric. In the picture, it’s the lighter grey part of the pattern, and when you sheer it, you get…
  3. Velvet!! The darker grey part of the pattern is the velvet, made by sheering the epinglé.

That’s just a little something to know about velvet. There’s SO MUCH more to learn, and so many things to consider when choosing the right velvet for you and your project.

So, if you’re looking to buy velvet fabric in NYC, get in touch! We’d love to teach you more about velvet, and answer any questions you may have.


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