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bedroom by curated kravet

Bringing Light into Dim Living Spaces

When living areas are dark, they tend to feel closed-in and gloomy, which makes people seek the sunnier, visually warmer spots in a home.  But even if a living room is north-facing or has small windows, there are some simple design tricks to bring in light and make the space feel brighter and more spacious.

Get rid of heavy drapes or window treatments, for starters.  Dim living rooms benefit from minimal window treatments, like sheer white roller blinds that provide privacy but let in lots of light.  Avoid visually heavy curtains, instead opting for light airy fabrics, and consider installing the curtain rod near the ceiling line and buying longer panels that go to the floor, to create height and drama in the space.

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Another indispensable curtain-hanging trick that makes windows seem larger and prevents window treatments from blocking precious light, is to buy rods that extend past the windows by at least 6” and more optimally 12,” on either side of the casing.  This way when the curtain panels are parted, virtually none of the window is obscured and all of the natural light can illuminate the room.

It should go without saying, but color in dim spaces is everything.  Using warm creamy whites or other pale colors that reflect light can help brighten a space, literally and figuratively.  Dark or dramatic wall colors can close a space in.  Layering different whites for the trim paint, wall paint, and window treatments can still feel warm, as can light-colored rugs or floor finishes.  White furniture can also visually free up a dim space, but might not work for all households, unless you use washable slipcovers for the upholstered pieces.

Light bedroom by Stark

Palm Beach home featuring STARK fabrications

Treating a dark living area with reflective accessories that throw light around is another way to brighten the space and keep the white finishes from feeling sterile.  Mirrors mounted on the wall opposite windows reflect all that natural light back into the room, and glass or metal occasional pieces like side tables also add some shine.  Consider mirrored frames for artwork or photographs on display.

all white bedroom with grand mirror

A luxe Washington D.C. apartment by Solis Betancourt & Sherrill from Architectural Digest

Finally, brightening up a dim space can be done most simply by changing out all the light bulbs in a room to daylight LEDs, and adding more occasional lighting like table or floor lamps.  Table lamps create warmth, especially if they have warm metal/brass tones or glass bases, and should not be undervalued even in a space with overhead lighting.

Lighting and Lamps by Curated Kravet

Lighting Collection by CuratedKravet.com

This is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and You Need it for Your Home Decor

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Every year, The Pantone Color Institute announces its chosen color and for 2015, they’ve selected Marsala to hold that honor. Marsala is a rich, full-bodied red that draws its name from the fortified wine viewed as a robust, satisfying compliment to any meal. Your home’s decor can feast on this tasteful red-brown hue as it embraces everything from furnishings to draperies. Capable of playing the role of a grounded statement in a room or a bold accent, Marsala is a fashionable cure for cold, winter grayness.

Beautiful enhancement

Anyone who viewed last year’s Pantone color of Radiant Orchid as a bit too purple for his or her interior tastes welcomes the earthy sophistication of Marsala. The color works in easily with all styles of design and is a beautiful enhancement that brings the healthy flush of life back to your home. Just as makeup in this color pops against the winter snow, fabrics, paints, and accessories in Marsala stand out among a neutral space. Marsala brings romance to a bedroom, warmth to a kitchen, and comfort to a living room with its multidimensional talent.

fabric patterns

Enduring depth

Marsala has existed in makeup for years and now that Pantone has selected it as Color of the Year, it will start showing up in a variety of fashions from runways to furniture showrooms. While the popularity of Marsala will soar in 2015, it won’t fade into the obscurity of a passing trend. The rich depth of Marsala earns it a lasting place in your home decor when you incorporate it through throw pillows, blankets, upholstery, drapes, paint, and accessories.

fabric patterns

Design possibilities

If you’re unsure how Marsala works in your design, start small with items such as sofa pillows, artwork, or lamps. In this manner, you bring a small dose of the warm hue into your home and see where it works best among existing furnishings and paint colors. Increase the elegance of Marsala by incorporating it through textured surfaces that bring out its plush, welcoming qualities. When you’re ready to embrace Marsala fully, go bold with paint and furniture upholstered completely in the wine-red color. Committing to such a robust color on the walls of a large room may feel overwhelming, so opt instead to create a faux accent wall with luxurious floor to ceiling drapes.

fabric patterns

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala enriches your home and life with enduring depth, warmth, and earthiness. Come into our showroom to look through our thousands of fabrics, and ask about marsala!!

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The Diversity of Curtains

When you think about curtains, you might envision them as one-dimensional and plain. If that’s how you see curtains, then you’re not seeing them for the full potential they possess. The diversity of curtains lies in their ability to serve multiple purposes including insulation, design accents, privacy, and shade. Utilizing these window treatments properly requires a creative mind, an appreciation for style, and an eye for detail.

Simple sophistication

On their own, curtains exude simple sophistication with their uncomplicated, vertical cascade of fabric. While fancier drapes and window dressings certainly have their place, curtains are adaptable to any room and are easy to change out depending on the season and style of the room. Adding curtains to a plain window instantly changes the feel of the room and they’re an ideal starting point for those seeking interior design inspiration. Curtains can be the focal point of a room or a softer, more subtle element that slips beautifully into the background.

Stylish warmth

When the temperatures drop, windows are one of the main places where cold air can seep inside. In this instance, hanging curtains has a two-fold purpose of adding style while keeping warmth. Insulated curtains aren’t the heavy, drab, window coverings of decades ago and they’re now as diverse and fashionable as traditional curtains. It’s easy to switch out lighter summer curtains for lined curtains without losing their positive influence on the visual appeal of the space. Not only can this lower heating bills, but it also presents a seasonal opportunity to change up the look of a room.

Architectural impact

Curtains are capable of much more than simply covering windows. How you hang the curtains, has a major architectural impact on a room. When an entire room remodel is not desirable, curtains are a simple way to achieve a dramatic change. Curtains with a bold pattern dress up plain architecture and low ceilings by adding visual interest, depth, and impact to the space. Curtains are a creative way to frame a bed and contrast the bed’s horizontal lines with vertical height. If you’re someone who is intrigued by the idea of an accent wall, but not ready to commit to such a permanent, bold statement, curtains are the perfect solution. Bright curtains with a statement pattern establish the color scheme of a room and unlike a fixed, painted wall, curtains change out easily when you desire a modification of mood and design.

Cozy escape

Window seats are cozy spots to escape the world with a good book or just to admire the outdoor scenery. Hanging curtains over the window seat enables you to draw them closed for privacy, seclusion, and a somewhat secret hiding place. Curtains are also the perfect way to create a little reading nook in an alcove, even if there isn’t a window to cover. Using curtains as a closet door serve to section off the room while also adding color, texture, and warmth to the space.

Height and drama

When you hang floor to ceiling curtains, you add height to a space and make it appear larger than it is. The opposite is also true when you have high cathedral ceilings and use curtains to break up the space. Curtains as window treatments over arched or custom-shaped windows are an affordable alternative to blinds or shades designed specifically to fit. With the curtains open, the beauty of the architecture shines and with them closed, the curtains add a cohesive feel to the room.

Curtains are more flexible and diverse window treatments than many realize, but with some ingenuity and imagination, they transform any room.

Noise Canceling: Curtains, Window Shades, and Window Treatments

Noise Canceling by Design

If you live in NYC, there’s a good chance you can hear the outside noise inside your apartment.

Trash trucks, honking car horns, and drunk people can be loud, and your sleep can suffer.

If you do a search for “noise canceling,” you’re bound to be directed to articles and websites looking to sell you double reinforced windows. They work really well, but there’s one problem:


Plus, if you don’t own your apartment, you probably aren’t even allowed to do it.

So, what’s the alternative?

Answer: Noise canceling curtains, window shades, and window treatments.

They are affordable, plus they can be made to also blackout the room, leaving you to rest in a dark, quiet space (cue the happy, longing sigh).

Here’s what your room could be like. Watch this video!!


Pretty dark and quiet, huh?!

Okay… So it’s not THAT good, but it’s still awesome to considerably reduce the noise from the street and the light from outside!!

We can help you get all set up. Here’s what we do:

Determine where the sound/noise is coming from.

You’ll want to install soundproof curtains on the window that is letting all the noise in. This will really help reduce unwanted sound pollution inside your apartment.

Measure the area where the curtains will be hung.

We’ll do this for you, and then after we measure, you’ll know what size curtains to buy!

Determine curtain thickness. 

We will help you determine how thick the curtains need to be to reduce the noise considerably.

Pick your favorite fabric.

Here’s the fun part!! Now you get to pick your fabric so we can soundproof it for you!! You could have also picked your favorite fabric first, but if you do, make sure to let us know that your goal is to make soundproofing curtains so we can guide you accordingly.

Pick the hardware that your new, heavy duty soundproofing curtains will hang on.

We have some gorgeous hardware options, so let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find something you’ll love.



Hunter Douglas NYC – Savings Event Through December 17th, 2013

hunter douglas nyc savings event picture

’Tis the Season for Style! It’s a saving celebration with valuable rebates and upgrades on select Hunter Douglas window fashions, just in time for your holiday parties.

Now through December 17th save on insulating Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades, exquisite Silhouette® window shadings and much more.

Plus, now through November 4th receive a free, cordless lifting system upgrade on select Hunter Douglas products…perfect for families with young children.

And the celebration continues, because if you purchase and install energy-efficient Duette Architella shades in your home by December 31st, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $500!

So, don’t miss the Hunter Douglas ’Tis the Season for Style Saving Celebration, going on now through the holidays. Limitations and restrictions apply.

Get in touch with us to know more!! 212-366-5142. Ask to talk to Ann, our Hunter Douglas specialist. You can also email Ann at Ann@BeckensteinFabrics.com or fill out the form, below: