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teal and eggplant living room decor

Keep your living room fresh all year round with these 3 colors

With seasons changing, it often brings a different take on colors, styles, and patterns when it comes to designing. But having to redesign your room every two to three months is not only stressful, but expensive as well. The best solution is having a neutral backdrop and add pops of color that can easily be changed each season. However, knowing the right accent colors to choose is crucial when pulling off a look.

Today we show you three colors that guarantee you’ll never be caught off guard. They are considered top colors in the interior design and fashion world and work well all year round.
Purple has been taking over every room in your house, whether it’s used in bathrooms, bedrooms and now living rooms. The different popular shades of purple range from light hues of violet, lavender, and lilac to darker tones such as eggplant and plum. Sophisticated and stunning, eggplant is the color you want in your home.

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Deeper tones of eggplant are ideal for living room accent walls while lighter shades of eggplant are better for bedrooms as it creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Just like eggplant purples, a vibrant teal blue is an easy transition with many shades to pick from! Teal is a mix of blue and green and with a change in its intensity teal can paint a design from being radiant to reserved.

Closely resembling turquoise, teal and bright pops of orange are perfect for this summer season. It’s easy to add accent colors to, also being able to create a coastal or Mediterranean style design. In the winter, navy blue and teal are a strong duo, always complementing pops of gold and yellow.

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Last is a color that not only works well by itself, but also complements both teal and eggplant beautifully! With bright orange making a comeback in 2014, coral is the perfect color to incorporate! Its cheerful and bubbly combination of orange and pink instantly adds glamor in the form of throw pillows or stylish drapes.

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If you’re once again going for a fresh Mediterranean style, blending aqua with coral is a style perfect for both spring and summer. Even adding shades of deep green or yellow can make a room more exciting. Just swap out these light shades for dark browns and corals look equally appealing once cold winter arrives.

What colors have you found that keep your home “forever chic”?