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bedroom by curated kravet

Bringing Light into Dim Living Spaces

When living areas are dark, they tend to feel closed-in and gloomy, which makes people seek the sunnier, visually warmer spots in a home.  But even if a living room is north-facing or has small windows, there are some simple design tricks to bring in light and make the space feel brighter and more spacious.

Get rid of heavy drapes or window treatments, for starters.  Dim living rooms benefit from minimal window treatments, like sheer white roller blinds that provide privacy but let in lots of light.  Avoid visually heavy curtains, instead opting for light airy fabrics, and consider installing the curtain rod near the ceiling line and buying longer panels that go to the floor, to create height and drama in the space.

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Another indispensable curtain-hanging trick that makes windows seem larger and prevents window treatments from blocking precious light, is to buy rods that extend past the windows by at least 6” and more optimally 12,” on either side of the casing.  This way when the curtain panels are parted, virtually none of the window is obscured and all of the natural light can illuminate the room.

It should go without saying, but color in dim spaces is everything.  Using warm creamy whites or other pale colors that reflect light can help brighten a space, literally and figuratively.  Dark or dramatic wall colors can close a space in.  Layering different whites for the trim paint, wall paint, and window treatments can still feel warm, as can light-colored rugs or floor finishes.  White furniture can also visually free up a dim space, but might not work for all households, unless you use washable slipcovers for the upholstered pieces.

Light bedroom by Stark

Palm Beach home featuring STARK fabrications

Treating a dark living area with reflective accessories that throw light around is another way to brighten the space and keep the white finishes from feeling sterile.  Mirrors mounted on the wall opposite windows reflect all that natural light back into the room, and glass or metal occasional pieces like side tables also add some shine.  Consider mirrored frames for artwork or photographs on display.

all white bedroom with grand mirror

A luxe Washington D.C. apartment by Solis Betancourt & Sherrill from Architectural Digest

Finally, brightening up a dim space can be done most simply by changing out all the light bulbs in a room to daylight LEDs, and adding more occasional lighting like table or floor lamps.  Table lamps create warmth, especially if they have warm metal/brass tones or glass bases, and should not be undervalued even in a space with overhead lighting.

Lighting and Lamps by Curated Kravet

Lighting Collection by CuratedKravet.com

sourced from wallquest.com

Incorporating and Complimenting Your Statement Furniture

Today’s post is a focus on a staff favorite that was completed earlier this week. This occasional chair supported by a detailed walnut frame, was re-upholstered with Kravet’s Best of Versailles Velvet II blue fabric with a double welt trim. Its color is bold and vivid, and will be an immediate standout in any room.

Blue Velvet Occasional

Blue Velvet Occasional

And the fun doesn’t stop there (it would be an incredibly short post if it did). We challenged a member of our staff to chooser her favorite wall coverings that would best compliment the occasional. Statement pieces capture the attention of every guest that walks into the room and draws their eyes to a particular space. The rest of the decor should compliment this effect and refrain from fighting for attention.

When searching for the perfect backdrop or wall covering for our occasional, Debra provided the following suggestions to those wanting to take the challenge themselves:

1. Colors – Silver and Yellow are her favorites for this piece. You can go blue, but make it a perfect match to the color of the fabric.

2. Go modern – the chair’s detailed wooden frame provides it with a traditional look. To keep the room from looking dated add designs and textures that are more current.

3. Keep away from detailed designs – The wall covering shouldn’t be your focus, the chair has taken that duty. By avoiding sharp and defined lines, geometric shapes, you allow the wall to fade into the background, and keep the room from looking too busy.

Top 3 picks:

1. Villa Rosa from Villa Rosa AG90202

sourced from wallquest.com

sourced from wallquest.com

The watercolors allow the wall paper to blur from view, and the blue and greens bring a natural complement to the blue and brown of the chair.

2. Paisley Damask from Bali BL40502

sourced from wallquest.com

sourced from wallquest.com

We might have ventured away from our third suggestion a bit (and we will again!), but it’s for good reason. There is a lot going on in this paisley designed wall covering, but the white mutes the silver details so much that you would need your nose to touch the wall before those details could capture your eye.

3. Bohemian Citrine from Boho Chic BC 81303
The same mindset was followed when choosing her last choice. The color, Bohemian Citrine, does well to not be as bright as yellow, and not as bold as gold. It’s a happy medium that would be the perfect backdrop to our blue occasional and a perfect accent wall for the space.

sourced from www.elnia.com

sourced from www.elnia.com

Kravet Fabric NYC: Featured Fabric of the Week

Looking to buy Kravet fabric in NYC? You can at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors!!

Take a look at the featured fabric of the week.

Part of the Kravet fabric line, the AWAPUHI pattern is gorgeous. Take a look:

kravet-fabric-nyc-awapuhi-patternIt’s also heavy duty, so it’s great if you need something that can take a beating.

We have SO MANY fabrics by Kravet. They’re gorgeous and fun, so come on in and take a look through our showroom!!

You can also get in touch to inquire about Kravet fabric by emailing us at info@beckensteinfabrics.com or calling 212-366-5142.

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