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Best Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home

So you’ve found an amazing antique in a local shop or during your travels, and you had to have it.  Or even better, you were gifted or inherited a cherished piece of ceramic, an heirloom textile, or exquisite piece of artwork. Both the sentimental value and the quality of an antique is unmatched, but making them work with more modern décor can sometimes be a challenge. Below are some ways to show off those antique pieces in your home with the focus they deserve – and so they look like they’ve been there all along.

Think about how you will display your antique – using less formal display methods can give an old piece a modern look.  Propping artwork against a shelf or another piece of furniture, or resting it directly on the mantel can tone down the formality of the piece.

If you fell in love with, or were bequeathed, a large piece of artwork, properly display it by giving it a spot of prominence on a plain wall. Painting a bright color on the wall behind it will make the painting pop, and a bold, contemporary color on the wall keeps an antique painting from looking too formal or stuffy. Consider how you’re lighting the piece as well.

Bedroom scandinavian-bedroom

You can also use an antique piece of art to create a new color scheme in the room. Pull a color you like out of a painting, and incorporate that palette throughout the room to tie the old and new together.

Photo from CountryLiving-45 Ways to Creatively Display Your Collection

Perhaps your antique is not a painting, but an object, or a collection of objects like earthenware or ceramics. A collection of similar items can be beautiful to display and enjoy. Don’t hide them away at the back of a cabinet; group your antique glassware or pottery prominently on a shelf or sideboard, or consider an open cabinet whose inside is painted a color that lets your collection stand out.  Consider, if you have a single piece, starting a collection or adding to one – what makes a collection is special is that it’s eclectic and can be added to over time.

Photo from Wall Street Journal-How to Turn an Antique Sofa Into a Statement Piece

Is your antique a piece of furniture?  A wonderful way to work an old, perhaps ornate piece of furniture into a modern home is to pair it with more contemporary pieces.  A primitive antique dining table, or a glossy mahogany one with turned legs, will look equally at home paired with modern seating – metal chairs or ones upholstered in a graphic print.  Flank an antique with newer pieces and it will become a cohesive part of your space.

Cooling Your Home Down without A/C

For centuries, older houses had no such thing as air conditioning for relief during the warmer months. Instead of flipping a switch, the following eco-friendly, old-school methods were used to get air flowing through the house during the dog days of summer.

Using the passive-cooling principles that hot air rises, and cool air moves toward warmer air, you can design or retrofit your house to make use of fresh air to stay cool and invite in those long hot days of July and August.

Open Up the Room

Open windows for ventilation in the summer

Since hot air rises, and cool air moves toward warmer air, a house that has vented openings on both sides of the building has a lot more airflow – and any air movement is a good thing. Using operable windows on the cooler side of the house, you can open them wide to draw the air through from the hotter side of your home.

Shutters Aren’t Just for Outdoors

Shutters can be useful inside too. Shutters aren’t just a decorative alternative to curtains and blinds, they’re also a green way to ventilate – you can open up the windows behind them to let in air, and close the shutters to keep out the sun, and voila! The room is cooled down the old-fashioned way.

It’s Obvious, but: Fans

living room ceiling fan

Courtesy of housesen.com

Fans have been used since ancient times to keep things cool, since any air movement is good and a fan can suck away the warm air and push cooler breezes around a space. Ceiling fans are available in every conceivable design, whether you want something unobtrusive or bold.  Fans are even offered in retro palm-frond styles, and most fans also offer a light fixture combination if you don’t want to lose overhead lighting when you install the fan. Look for fans with a reverse switch or feature for winter, which helps push warmer air (it rises, remember?) back down into the room.

Take it Outside

Screened in porch sunroom

Courtesy of jpandcompany.net

Screened-in porches have long been an architectural staple in hot regions, and they deserve a comeback. Consider enclosing your covered porch, or enclosing a deck with screens, and you will have created an airy, insect-free outdoor living space. You can use a screened room for months, provided you furnish it with pieces made from materials that can withstand some rain, like wicker or metal. Bonus: a generous couch with some indoor-outdoor cushions becomes an ideal spot to sleep on hot summer nights!

teal and eggplant living room decor

Keep your living room fresh all year round with these 3 colors

With seasons changing, it often brings a different take on colors, styles, and patterns when it comes to designing. But having to redesign your room every two to three months is not only stressful, but expensive as well. The best solution is having a neutral backdrop and add pops of color that can easily be changed each season. However, knowing the right accent colors to choose is crucial when pulling off a look.

Today we show you three colors that guarantee you’ll never be caught off guard. They are considered top colors in the interior design and fashion world and work well all year round.
Purple has been taking over every room in your house, whether it’s used in bathrooms, bedrooms and now living rooms. The different popular shades of purple range from light hues of violet, lavender, and lilac to darker tones such as eggplant and plum. Sophisticated and stunning, eggplant is the color you want in your home.

couch slipcovers


Deeper tones of eggplant are ideal for living room accent walls while lighter shades of eggplant are better for bedrooms as it creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Just like eggplant purples, a vibrant teal blue is an easy transition with many shades to pick from! Teal is a mix of blue and green and with a change in its intensity teal can paint a design from being radiant to reserved.

Closely resembling turquoise, teal and bright pops of orange are perfect for this summer season. It’s easy to add accent colors to, also being able to create a coastal or Mediterranean style design. In the winter, navy blue and teal are a strong duo, always complementing pops of gold and yellow.

couch slipcovers


Last is a color that not only works well by itself, but also complements both teal and eggplant beautifully! With bright orange making a comeback in 2014, coral is the perfect color to incorporate! Its cheerful and bubbly combination of orange and pink instantly adds glamor in the form of throw pillows or stylish drapes.

couch slipcovers


If you’re once again going for a fresh Mediterranean style, blending aqua with coral is a style perfect for both spring and summer. Even adding shades of deep green or yellow can make a room more exciting. Just swap out these light shades for dark browns and corals look equally appealing once cold winter arrives.

What colors have you found that keep your home “forever chic”?

sourced from wallquest.com

Incorporating and Complimenting Your Statement Furniture

Today’s post is a focus on a staff favorite that was completed earlier this week. This occasional chair supported by a detailed walnut frame, was re-upholstered with Kravet’s Best of Versailles Velvet II blue fabric with a double welt trim. Its color is bold and vivid, and will be an immediate standout in any room.

Blue Velvet Occasional

Blue Velvet Occasional

And the fun doesn’t stop there (it would be an incredibly short post if it did). We challenged a member of our staff to chooser her favorite wall coverings that would best compliment the occasional. Statement pieces capture the attention of every guest that walks into the room and draws their eyes to a particular space. The rest of the decor should compliment this effect and refrain from fighting for attention.

When searching for the perfect backdrop or wall covering for our occasional, Debra provided the following suggestions to those wanting to take the challenge themselves:

1. Colors – Silver and Yellow are her favorites for this piece. You can go blue, but make it a perfect match to the color of the fabric.

2. Go modern – the chair’s detailed wooden frame provides it with a traditional look. To keep the room from looking dated add designs and textures that are more current.

3. Keep away from detailed designs – The wall covering shouldn’t be your focus, the chair has taken that duty. By avoiding sharp and defined lines, geometric shapes, you allow the wall to fade into the background, and keep the room from looking too busy.

Top 3 picks:

1. Villa Rosa from Villa Rosa AG90202

sourced from wallquest.com

sourced from wallquest.com

The watercolors allow the wall paper to blur from view, and the blue and greens bring a natural complement to the blue and brown of the chair.

2. Paisley Damask from Bali BL40502

sourced from wallquest.com

sourced from wallquest.com

We might have ventured away from our third suggestion a bit (and we will again!), but it’s for good reason. There is a lot going on in this paisley designed wall covering, but the white mutes the silver details so much that you would need your nose to touch the wall before those details could capture your eye.

3. Bohemian Citrine from Boho Chic BC 81303
The same mindset was followed when choosing her last choice. The color, Bohemian Citrine, does well to not be as bright as yellow, and not as bold as gold. It’s a happy medium that would be the perfect backdrop to our blue occasional and a perfect accent wall for the space.

sourced from www.elnia.com

sourced from www.elnia.com

Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 1.

Here are three more things to keep in mind when coming up with living room ideas:

Do you want to tie two rooms together? 

A really cool trick to make the decor of your home seem more “designed” is by the use of color. For example, you can tie two rooms together by using a prominent color in one room as accent color in another. Look at this room, for example:

Picture of a living room and another room tied together by use of color.


The color red is used a lot in one of the rooms, and red accents are sprinkled throughout the living room. Such a cool idea! Now, if they’d just paint the dog red, it’d be SO cool! 😉

How do I make the living room in my apartment seem less cave-like?

This doesn’t apply only to living rooms; it’s relevant for any rooms that don’t have windows. But if you’re like most people living in an apartment in New York, and you’ve flexed it to add a bedroom, you may very well not have a window in your living room. So, here’s an idea to prevent your living room from seeming dark and gloomy. Don’t paint it dark!! Duh… Use light colors and brighter artwork to add some life to the room. Brightly colored throw pillows can also help! Kick it up a notch by have a couple pillows made with your favorite fabric!

What if I can’t paint my walls? Or, what if I just don’t feel like it?

If you rent, you may not want to paint your walls. Even if you own your home you may not want to paint, because, well, you just don’t feel like it! I know we mention it a lot, but pillows pillows pillows! They’re so much fun and can add life to any room! You can also supplement your living room ideas with a cool patterned rug or a fun, even crazy slipcover for your couch! Seriously, imagine pillows with this fabric:

Picture of fun fabric called lollipop by shumacher. Great for lively living room ideas.


(Lollipop by Schumacher)

Isn’t that fabric just adorable? Look at that happy couple!

So, there you have it. Three more ideas for your living room. We hope you enjoyed this installment. Stay tuned for Part 3!

Tell us some of your living room tricks in the comments, below!

Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 1

When considering ideas for your living room, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when making your living room ideas come to life:

How much space do you have, and how do you make it feel homey?

Having a ton of space is certainly a nice problem to have. For those with that “issue,” you can still make your living space feel homey and cozy by placing furniture like chairs and sofas close together. Just make sure to leave enough space for foot traffic. Have some fun looking through the latest pins on Pinterest of white living rooms.

How do you keep your living room simple, while at the same time making a statement?

There are so many great looking, fun products out there to choose from to decorate your living room. Tables, chairs, wall art, rugs, and more. It’s easy to over do it. So, we recommend starting simple, and adding accents. A really great way to do that is with fun fabric. For instance, imagine a simple, well-made sofa with a simple fabric pattern. Now imagine it with a couple of pillows that you had made with your favorite, fun fabric! Like this picture of a penthouse on 5th Avenue we worked on:

Picture of a gorgeous living room that uses custom fabric accents to add personality to the room.

Read more about custom fabric, here.

What if you’re sick of the design in a year?

If the base of your living room design is grounded in simple, neutral pieces, you won’t have a problem! Just change the accents. Upholster new pillows, or reupholster ones you already have with your favorite fabric of the season. Have a custom slipcover made for your couch; it’s like getting a whole new piece of furniture!

This is a great place to stop for now. Stay tuned for additional installments of Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work. 

(Read part two, here)

And let us know some of your ideas about living room design by leaving a comment, below.