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Modern Home Office Ideas

When it comes to a home office space, no single design idea will work for everyone –there is a wide range of different needs for a workspace, depending on the work being done there.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t create the perfect home office for you, though!  Here are some universally appealing suggestions to help you create a home office space that’s both functional and attractive.

Specific Task Areas

When envisioning a design for your home office, it’s important to take into consideration all of the activities you’ll complete in a given workday/week.  While a desk is an obvious starting point for most offices, to tackle paperwork or writing, those are likely not your only activities, so creating separate focus areas for tasks can be useful.

While your desk is the likely workhorse in an office space, don’t forget about incorporating a seating area for hosting and meeting with clients, and having a face-to-face discussion.  Additionally, if the office space hosts multiple users who need to share the office, you can help keep things organized and make the space work for everyone by giving each person an individual workstation.    

Home office seating

Courtesy of californiaclosets.com

Be Careful with Color

Since your office is a place where you need to be able to stay focused, it can be useful to set big punches of color — and the emotional responses they bring — aside. Instead, focus on choosing a largely neutral color palette that will allow you to put the bulk of your attention on the task at hand.  You can add small pops of color to keep the space visually interesting, with easily swapped-out elements like throw pillows or area rugs, but the more permanent parts of the design – furniture and wall color – should be calm and neutral.

Neutral color home office

Image courtesy of idekohome.com

Make your Office Personal

As much as we’ve emphasized that you need to be able to focus within your workspace, it’s also important to create an office where you’ll enjoy working and spending time. So while keeping the workspace décor neutral is key, so is accenting your office with things that highlight your personal taste and make you happy.  Those might be pieces of artwork, or items from favorite travels, for example.

An easy way to add personal elements and keep a cohesive scheme in the home office is to use your personal items as a jump-off point for accent colors in the room.  Draw out a bold color from a favorite painting on the wall and use that hue for pillows or a throw in the seating area, or mimic the pattern on a piece of displayed pottery in your window treatment or area rug.

Home office decor

A Place for Everything

Staying organized is a perpetual struggle in any office space, yet it’s crucial to efficiency. So for any workspace, and especially if you’re prone to becoming buried under your desk, it’s imperative to work lots of storage solutions into the design.  Ideally, if you have the space for them, built-in cabinetry helps store large items and hides clutter; you can repurpose a sideboard into file and supplies storage.  Bookcases and open shelves are also a great way to keep things organized and provide display space for both functional and decorative elements.

home office organization

Bearing in mind just a few important themes – organization, a neutral palette to encourage focus, task areas, and making the space personal – you can carve out a functional workspace in your home that you won’t want to leave.

How you can avoid “Couch Ouch”

I talk with clients all the time who have spent weekend after weekend searching for the perfect couch only to settle for what was close, but not quite it. Either the style was a bit off or the fabric wasn’t exactly what they wanted, so they pop in and make a project out of it. Many of them didn’t even realize custom ordered couches were a readily available choice, but hear me when I say this: It is easily the best way to get exactly what you are looking for in your living room centerpiece.

Not too long ago we explained how a couch should be just as much functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Today we are going to go further and help you tailor your sofa to your living room design, as well as your body.

Custom Sofa Option Sheet

First, let’s start with fitting the sofa to your body type. The key dimensions here are seat height and depth. For those with long legs, you will need a sofa that sits higher up so that both your thighs lay flat on the seat cushion and your feet are flat on the ground. Likewise, longer legs will require a deeper back so that you can sit upright without being scrunched. For those who are shorter, the opposite is required. The most common size range for seat height for sofas are between 18 -21 inches. Size in this range will be suitable to accommodate the most people.

Traditional Living Room and Tufted Sofa

Seat depth ranges from 20 – 24 inches. The key point here is to choose a depth that when seated, your shoulders are square with your hips. After you’ve solved the ergonomics equation, it is time to get into the fun part – style.

Those in the city may want a more contemporary look to go with their modern lofts and apartments. To achieve this effect you want to incorporate sharp edges while keeping the total build minimal. The arms should be Track-styled, with a box cushion and square back (no ear). Avoid a round or skirted base, as they will clash with the rest of the squared features.

Modern or Contemporary Living Room Sofa

A traditional look will do well for those with homes out in the suburbs. Rounded arms are a staple in traditional sofas, and you can complete a classic look with a tufted back and spindled foot.

Custom Furniture – NYC

Buy custom furniture in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors.

Custom furniture is the best type of furniture when you want complete control over the look and feel of your space.

We work with an amazing custom furniture manufacturer, and we can work with you to design and plan your dream sofa, love seat, ottoman, and more.

Here are some photos of the custom furniture we can create:

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If you’re looking for custom furniture in NYC, get in touch with us. We have an amazing custom furniture program here at Beckenstein, where you can sit with our design consultants and design your furniture, including picking seat depth, arm, base, and back styles, and more, and even pick from thousands and thousands of fabrics in our showroom.

It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s Beckenstein.