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Looking For Finished Basement Ideas? These are the 5 Have-To’s.

For those with basements, we often have grand ideas of having a finished basement when first moving in, but usually end up filling it with the everything we couldn’t be bothered to unbox or sort for the past year. Yet back in your mind, you still want to turn that cold, dark basement into another addition to your beautifully crafted home. Well, it is time to buck up and finally finish that basement of yours. So what are the need-to-knows before starting?

1. Go all neutral.

Most basements suffer the curse of having a low ceiling and little light, so to start we want to find ways to open up the space and brighten it up. The easiest way to do this is to use neutral colors for the walls and ceiling. Grey, taupe, and any shade of white will make the room feel more expansive and assist in dispersing light around the room.

For those thinking gray, you might want to look into warm grays to keep your basement from feeling too cool during our famous Northeast winters.

2. Let there be light

As should be expected, you are going to need to bring more lighting into the room. Floor lamps are best when you need to make a room look taller. Recessed can lights are the perfect low profile solution for basements with low ceilings. Also, be sure to add a few mirrors to spread the light around the room.


3. Define each space without confining the room.

If you are trying to use the basement for multiple uses – maybe adding an awesome cocktail bar to go with your entertainment room – be sure not to add any walls. Keep the space as open as possible so you don’t defeat your lighting and décor efforts. Use area rugs to anchor down furniture and split spaces from one another without physical barriers.


4. Heated floors are a must.

And if the thought of concrete or tile floors is sending shivers up your spine. Carpeting really helps retain the heat but also don’t discount wood floors. Wood is always a welcome complement to a neutral color scheme and you can install radiant floor heating to keep from having to suffer walking across the basement barefoot.

5. Do not forget about storage.

Last, you probably do not have an alternative space to stick those miscellaneous boxes that we discussed earlier in this article. So be sure to create a few places for storage like floor to ceiling cabinets and closets that can stow away your college textbook collection and holiday decorations.