Noise Canceling: Curtains, Window Shades, and Window Treatments

Noise Canceling by Design

If you live in NYC, there’s a good chance you can hear the outside noise inside your apartment.

Trash trucks, honking car horns, and drunk people can be loud, and your sleep can suffer.

If you do a search for “noise canceling,” you’re bound to be directed to articles and websites looking to sell you double reinforced windows. They work really well, but there’s one problem:


Plus, if you don’t own your apartment, you probably aren’t even allowed to do it.

So, what’s the alternative?

Answer: Noise canceling curtains, window shades, and window treatments.

They are affordable, plus they can be made to also blackout the room, leaving you to rest in a dark, quiet space (cue the happy, longing sigh).

Here’s what your room could be like. Watch this video!!


Pretty dark and quiet, huh?!

Okay… So it’s not THAT good, but it’s still awesome to considerably reduce the noise from the street and the light from outside!!

We can help you get all set up. Here’s what we do:

Determine where the sound/noise is coming from.

You’ll want to install soundproof curtains on the window that is letting all the noise in. This will really help reduce unwanted sound pollution inside your apartment.

Measure the area where the curtains will be hung.

We’ll do this for you, and then after we measure, you’ll know what size curtains to buy!

Determine curtain thickness. 

We will help you determine how thick the curtains need to be to reduce the noise considerably.

Pick your favorite fabric.

Here’s the fun part!! Now you get to pick your fabric so we can soundproof it for you!! You could have also picked your favorite fabric first, but if you do, make sure to let us know that your goal is to make soundproofing curtains so we can guide you accordingly.

Pick the hardware that your new, heavy duty soundproofing curtains will hang on.

We have some gorgeous hardware options, so let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find something you’ll love.


6 thoughts on “Noise Canceling: Curtains, Window Shades, and Window Treatments

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  2. Jeff N

    You bring up a great point. Those windows really are expensive! Adding curtains in a quality heavyweight material will indeed help knock down some of that city noise.

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  5. Johnny52

    I hope so because since 9/11 all these sirens 24/7 coming from the ambulances, fire trucks, police and whatever other person or company with sirens seem to get away with blaring their sirens so they wake me up at 3:30 am and I am on the 31st floor. Incredible!! There should be a law against that. I grew up in NYC and never was it like this until 9/11.

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