Noise Reduction: Make Your Home Quieter

If you haven’t already, read this post about noise canceling draperies.

We wrote that post specifically about how you can greatly reduce noise with well-designed, custom window treatments, but we want to address other ways you can reduce unwanted noise in your home.

Fabric-Upholstered Walls are amazing 

Have you ever been talking and heard that tinniness? It’s almost like a super-fast-moving echo… That’s because your walls are primarily made of sheetrock, and it’s really bad for acoustics.

One of the best solutions? Fabric-upholstered walls. What you want to look for are materials that have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) (also called “noise reduction rating”) of 0.85 or more.

Carpets and rugs can help if you have hardwood floors

Did you know you can add soundproof padding to carpets and rugs to help block sound?

Calk around your windows to make sure there are no gaps

Did you know that a mere 1% gap lets in 50% of the sound? Wow. Calking can really help!! Make sure there aren’t any gaps around your windows!!

Window seals work well…if you’re okay never opening your window again =(

This isn’t ideal, because once installed you can’t open your window again, but it’s a tradeoff.. Plus, if you happen to be in NYC and one of your windows is permanently shut for some reason, why not?

We still always prefer noise reducing window treatments.

Buy a solid-wood-core door

Doors have gaps, and where there’re gaps, there’s noise. Remember the 1% rule?

A solid-wood-core door can work wonders!! If you have a home office, it’s a must!

When it comes to noise reduction, you should first look to the obvious fixes: gaps in doors and windows. One of the most economical (and beautiful) ways to reduce the noise coming from windows is by installing window treatments that help reduce noise. The cool thing is that you don’t have to shop for noise reducing curtains, necessarily. You can simply pick out your favorite fabric from a fabric store, and then have a professional upholsterer custom-make your curtains with soundproofing materials.

It’s important to remember that curtains that reduce sound don’t reduce it completely. They help a lot! But you won’t be able to record your next platinum record in a room simply because you installed noise-reducing curtains. =)

Please do get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about soundproof window treatments that take out the highs and the lows and softens all sounds.


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