Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

If you have been visiting our site or subscribed to our specials newsletter then you know that we are helping our customers prepare their home for the holiday season. So this week we thought it was only fitting that we write a guide for those who need some vision.

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Start by simplifying.

So where do you start? First, look at whichever room you are redesigning (say the living room) from a third party perspective. Take some pictures from the entranceway, from the sofa, from the fireplace, etc, and form an objective opinion on your room’s arrangement. How do these photos look? Is there furniture that seems to be in the way or crowding the area? If so, it might be a good idea to move that piece to another area or room, or even sell/give it away if it’s not worth keeping.

Alternatively, you can “rebuild” your living room. Picture the room empty. Then begin adding back furniture and decor. Anything that is left out can be done away with.

Now that we have removed what wasn’t needed, we can improve on what remains.

First, plan the arrangement. Two things to consider here are:

1. Flow

You want to make sure that everyone can easily move around the room, unobstructed by nightstands, floor lamps, and occasionals.

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2. Focus

What should be the focal point of the room? Is it your holiday centerpiece that you place on the mantle of the fireplace every year? Or is it your new area rug that makes your open space concept much more intimate? Center your furniture around what matters the most to you.

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Get inspired.

This is a good time to open up that Pinterest account of yours and start running through your favorite room designs. What pops out to you? Any pieces, colors, or patterns that strike you? Items could be as small as a must-have ottoman or be as drastic as reupholstering your sofa.

Lighten the place up a bit.

Also, don’t forget about lighting. Now that the evening night sets in earlier, you want to be able to illuminate the room with a flattering glow. Lamps, mirrors, and (of course) candles are a must. Use low-watt bulbs to warm the room and dim down the overhead lighting for a more intimate atmosphere.

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Solve the seating situation.

When you are entertaining guests, you have to consider if your living room will be able to seat everyone comfortably. Stacking stools and ottomans are easily tucked away when not in use, and benches and occasionals are welcomed additions to any living space.

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You have only just begun.

Seating, lighting, and arrangement are just the start of preparing your home for the holiday season. Once you have the room organized and your pieces are reupholstered and refreshed, you can begin shopping for the nick-nacks and decorations that complete the seasonal look.

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