blue floral patterned wallpaper ceiling

If you aren’t incoportating your ceiling, you should

With our heads constantly bent down, buried in our phones, it’s no surprise that highest opportunity in the room goes unnoticed in most homes. A wallpapered ceiling can add a unique and outstanding effect to a room when used as an alternative to the more common accent choices. By utilizing dark or lighter colored prints, you can make a rooms smaller or larger. Create texture where was none before or add the perfect back drop to your favorite ceiling fixture. The uses are limitless.

When choosing the right wall covering for a ceiling, my one preference is to go bold. I look to use either bright colors or detailed designs that draw the eye. I want my guests to gaze at my ceiling, mouths agape, as if it were the Sistine Chapel (photos are permitted). If you aren’t looking to break any necks then I would suggest using a neutral pallet and a design that involves simple geometric shapes. Oh, and lots of white space.

wallpaper ceiling light design

Unsure of how the wallpaper will play out? Try the look on the smallest rooms in your house – your closets. After a few days of testing you can choose whether to go fully commit or maybe even test out a different color or pattern.

Yet there is one small caveat. If you aren’t hiring a service to apply the wallpaper for you, the task is a bit difficult. Instead of a one man (or woman) job, you would need at least one partner to help you as you move along the ceiling flattening out the material. But as usual, hard work pays off. After a bit of frustration and a good amount of effort you will have a truly unique feature that will have your guests stunned.

bedroom with wallpaper ceiling

In my opinion, the bed room is the perfect place to apply a covered ceiling. I find that I can appreciate my work more laying face up in my bed then when I am taking the rare nap in my living room (or trying to sip the last drop of wine from my glass in the dining area). It becomes the first image to greet me when I wake up in the morning, and the last to wish me goodnight.


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