Did You Know That Reupholstering Is Environmentally Friendly?

You can save an antique, vintage, or slightly damaged piece of furniture from the landfill by reupholstering it. Having your furniture professionally reupholstered breathes new life into the piece. Reupholstering your furniture also helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Here’s how:

Reuse and Upgrade What You Already Have
By reupholstering your existing furniture, you can either restore your furniture to as close to its original look as possible or create something that’s one of a kind. You’ll spend much less money reupholstering your furniture, and you can upgrade the piece during the reupholstering process! Once the old upholstery is stripped away, many weaknesses in the furniture’s structure can be repaired, giving you a great piece that’s environmentally friendly as well! By upgrading what you already have, you are reducing your carbon footprint by choosing to reuse a piece rather than purchase new furniture that needed to be made using new materials.

Recycle and Reinvigorate Vintage Shop Finds
Reupholstering is a great way to take old furniture from vintage stores and make it new again. This practice allows you to add more furniture to your home in an eco-friendly way. Reupholstering vintage shop finds is a great way to recycle and add new value to a piece of furniture that might have been destroyed or thrown away.

Improve Energy Efficiency
Wall upholstery can slow down the loss of room heat in the winter and keep out outdoor heat in the summer. By better conserving a room’s temperature, you’ll use your heating and cooling systems less and save money on your utility bills.

Since 1918, Beckenstein Fabric has delivered impeccable service, fine fabric, and excellent craftsmanship at a fair price. Custom furniture reupholstering and wall upholstering are just some of the services we offer. Call us today at 212-366-5142 for more information.

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