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Home Decor Ideas That Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

We’ve all heard the basic tips about having a pet: Vacuum regularly and avoid wall-to-wall carpeting for less hair build up. Use stain-resistant fabrics and make sure you’re constantly bathing your pet and their toys to keep the smell of dog and the stick of slobber off your furniture… Yuck! Here’s a classic tip: work smarter not harder. Instead of constantly needing to clean and organize after your furry friend, we’ll show you how you can make them a part of your home.

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Using light colors such as white and beige might not be the best move. So take lemons and make bright, and vibrant lemonade. Pets present you with the opportunity to really work with color. You can go as far as matching your furniture to your pet’s fur to reduce dander visibility, or another solution is to match your pieces with your dog or cat’s bed. Have fun and make their beds an accent-colored piece so they feel like the center of attention whenever guests are around.

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If you really want to cater to your critters, incorporate furniture that is specifically made for your pet to enjoy.

Although most people think of cats or dogs when they talk about pets, we won’t forget of our readers with allergies or pet-restricted apartments. Fish and birds have a place in as just as many homes.

Birdcages are a new centerpiece must have! Old fashion birdcages give a rich ambiance that can be painted metallic or in bold colors. Even if you don’t have a bird, using the cage to fill candles with or plants mark a great twist.


Fish tanks and aquariums can serve as a great focal point in dining rooms, and can take the place where you normally have a television or painting. Though we’ll advise that you may want to keep things tame. Replacing your bathroom sink may be a bit much.

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