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eames chair in living room setting

The Eames Lounge Chair: Love or Hate?

While there is definitely some disagreement about the (attractiveness?) of the Eames Chair, there is no denying that it has become an icon of modern design. The Eames Chair has become a staple in homes everywhere (both modern and traditional) and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a house without one. So why is this chair’s use so controversial?


There is no denying the comfort of the Eames Lounge Chair. First designed in 1956 by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company, the goal was to match the feeling associated with the snugness of a well-fitted baseball mitt, and it certainly has achieved that goal. The shell is made out of a molded plywood – the first piece of popular furniture made with this material – which gives it a natural finish that resembles a baseball mitt. It is then cushioned to wrap around your body and when completed with an ottoman, can almost be good enough to replace your bed!

These chairs were inspired by director Bill Wilder who created his own lounge chair to keep him comfortable during his long hours on set.  They carry a mid-century modern feel with a touch of 50’s vintage. No matter the home or office design, the Eames Chair can be modified to fit with different shades of wood and custom upholstery.

Vitra Eames Chair

Courtesy of Vitra Designs

The Eames  Longe Chair’s popularity has even landed it roles on the big screen, having been featured in many modern television shows and movies, including Mad Men, a favorite among interior designers. These chairs are so iconic that they were added to the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection when Herman Miller donated an original 1956 rosewood chair and ottoman.

Eames Chair in Living Room

Courtesy of Design You Trust

Yet what makes this chair’s use so controversial? It is undoubtedly a well-known and popular piece, but along with praise comes  criticism. Reading through online discussions some feel the piece may be too popular. Some believe the Eames Chair has become an overused status symbol. People place them in rooms for the sake of having an Eames Chair rather than by design. A notable discussion I stumbled upon was on the popular forum, and it was a particularly heated debate.

“I hate those chairs, people who buy them should just replace them with a giant sign that says ‘I HAVE MONEY’, would be more to the point.”

“I think they’re a great piece of design, BUT you see a lot of rooms where they clearly don’t fit the aesthetic and are just a showoff piece. I think the one in this room ties in nicely enough with the other elements though.”

“I like it it too, but the piece is so ubiquitous and well known that to me people don’t really care about it looking good as much as they care about using it as a transparent display of wealth, it’s tacky, uninspired and very nouveau riche.”

Eames Chair

Courtesy of Fresh Home


Is the Eames Longe Chair pricey? Yet, but its appeal and quality are what have added to its value. It’s nearly a perfect match of both form and function. It becomes a statement piece in every room, but one that someone can lie in and comfortably use throughout its lifetime. If you have ever sat in one, you will know why they are found in homes all over the world. As Charles Eames asked, “Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional?”

Design a Home Office That Works

Working from home has some definite perks – no sitting in traffic, wearing pajamas until 2 PM, and the ability to breaks (or naps) as you see fit without facing the judgment of your co-workers. But as those who work from home know, jumping into “work mode” while home can be difficult. You have your TV, your pets, and even your bed calling for your attention as you try to finish your daily tasks. That is why it is vital to build a home office that can double as a part of your home, but also is optimized for productivity.

The first step is creating the “workspace barrier”. This is the boundary between at home and at work. Your office doesn’t need to be in its own room for this effect. You can use your desk to split a room, or settle it into a nook or corner area. One thing we do recommend, it be near a window or in a room that receives lots of natural light. There is nothing more depressing than spending all your work time in the artificial light.

For those who really want to change the atmosphere of their work space, you can repaint or cover the walls with a color or pattern that compliments the setting you enjoy working in. Use bright colors to add energy or light greens and blues to create a calming effect. To finish off setting your space, surround your desk with shelves, cabinets, and maybe a bookcase. Consider your workflow. What items will always need to be within reach, and which pieces of furniture can be set farther away to keep your home office spacious and clutter free?

home office white and earthy tones

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If you are an avid reader, than you may know that we always like to talk about ergonomics. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to concentrate. Choosing the right work chair is vital. You want a chair that will hold you upright, but won’t have you readjusting your position every twenty minutes. A rolling office chair, like an Aeron chair, can be a great indicator that this room is for work and blend well into a contemporary setting, or head for a chair with for legs to match a traditional or cottage style home.

ergonomic chair in home office

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For those times when you need some rest to restart the juices, add an ottoman that you can put your feet up on or have a futon or sofa to the side. This room incorporates a bed that is sure to prove useful on those late nights or dull afternoons.

home office nook

Home office nook by redditor dittidot

Now it’s time prep your office tools. Bring in a calendar and some sticky notes. Having your schedule and important notes in view ensures that you never miss an appointment or task. Buy containers to hold your pens, paper clips, and other miscellaneous office items so that they don’t clutter your desk (or your floors). Prepare your cabinets for filing with folders and dividers. Set your speakers atop your shelves or desk – when you work at home, you can enjoy all the sweet tunes you want. Then lastly, decorate! Put up some family photos and other favored desk decorations.