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Finding Colors, Patterns, and Textures to Make Your Master Bedroom Stand Out

The master bedroom is the one room in your home that should be decorated to appeal to your personal taste. You may prefer to be surrounded with the soothing tones of nature or the vibrant, energetic shades of the tropics but it’s the combination of colors, patterns, and textures that create an inviting retreat that you will enjoy for a long time.


Do you want a bedroom that makes you feel peaceful and helps you go to sleep? Neutrals can make your bedroom restful while also serving as a backdrop for more colorful touches. If you find neutrals too boring, soft grays, blues, greens, and lavender are still good choices that let you surround yourself with refreshing color.

Faux fur fabric rugs

Do you need a colorful bedroom that helps you wake up and get going in the morning? Warm, sunny colors and patterns are the ideal solution for getting your day off to a cheery start.  Look to oranges, yellows, and greens in a variety of patterns to create energy for the best pick-me-up.

Jacquard fabric bedspreads


Mixing up texture allows you to create contrast without varying a great deal in color or pattern. For example, a tan bedspread made from shiny jacquard fabric will contrast with a matching headboard made from velvety upholstery fabric. The same is true for fur rugs, woven draperies, lampshades, and any other upholstered furniture and accessories in the room.


Learning to mix stripes, florals, plaids, and geometric patterns is the most important skill you will learn to become an effective decorator. According to HGTV, three is the smallest number of patterns to mix with larger choices being in odd numbers. Your goal is to select a variety of patterns that is distinguishable from the rest while still coordinating well enough to create a professional result.

The first pattern should be one that has a large pattern so that it has the greatest impact, while the second pattern is something completely different from the first. In other words, if the first pattern is a floral, make the second one a plaid or stripe. The third pattern can be similar to the first pattern but on a smaller scale. While a variety of patterns can be mixed together effectively, you need to continue with two or three colors throughout the designs to make them fit together.

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Flower Power – Incorporating Floral Prints in Your Home Decor

There is nothing more classic in home decorating than the floral – it never goes out of style.  Floral prints can be botanical and iconic, or colorful and modern, and they provide a fresh, feminine sensibility to a space.  In honor of spring and all its heady blooms, here are some ideas for incorporating the floral into your decorating.


A Bright Accent

If you’re not sure about committing to floral prints, you can test them out with some bold floral accent pillows on your more neutral furniture or a pretty flower-patterned tablecloth in your dining room.  Swap out some wall hangings you’re tired of for a pair of garden-inspired framed botanical prints.  These are all easy and low-risk ways to try florals in your home.

Floral print throw pillows

Courtesy of

Here we have a beautifully done example by Tamar at Nest Pretty Things where the throw pillows have a subtle touch of floral print that really blends in with the room. The goal is to not be overwhelming with this pattern, and Tamar has done a wonderful job! Check out here awesome blog and accessory designs over here!

In the Bedroom

A floral duvet cover or another bedding is a great way to introduce a bouquet into your sleeping quarters and adds femininity to the room.  The same can be said for floral window treatments, lampshades, or a headboard upholstered with a floral fabric that complements the bedding.  If your aim is to keep the space more gender-neutral, pick a floral on a grey or tan background.  Finally, the bedroom is a lovely and unexpected place for fresh flowers by the bedside or on a dresser.

Floral Duvet Cover

Courtesy of

Phoebe Oldrey of Smartstyle Interiors has done a fantastic job with this master bedroom! The blue shade makes is not overwhelmingly feminine, but still gives a classy touch of floral. The matching color wall and curtains tie the whole room together, making this an excellent example of floral print being used in the bedroom. Check out her blog  for some very insiteful design tips with her English background and style!


Garden-inspired prints are classic wallpaper subjects, but there are just as many bold and modern floral wallpapers on offer.  Consider an accent wall of paper behind your sofa or your bed, to bring florals in without overwhelming a space.  Small prints look great in bathrooms or kitchens, but you can also use papers with bolder patterns and colors as an alternative to tile in a kitchen – bonus: most wallpaper is more durable than paint for use in food prep/cooking areas.

Floral Print Wallpaper Kitchen

Courtesy of

Lisa Wolfe used floral wallpaper as an accent wall in this kitchen to bring this eclectic, bohemian kitchen to life! While it is not behind the cooking area, this pattern makes this an interesting and unique kitchen design without overwhelming you with the floral pattern. Check out her blog for some cool design tips and lifestyle tricks!

Pattern Mixing

If your sofa is a checked pattern, that doesn’t mean you can’t use florals in the living room too.  In fact, layering patterns is a chic way to sophisticate a space. Traditional florals on classic upholstery are one of a decorator’s favorite tools. Try matching your accent chairs and sofa pillows to tie together a cohesive look. The key is to use patterns of differing scales; if your floral is a large cabbage rose, pair it with a smaller more geometric pattern for balance.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Texas based designer Carl Wesley Lowery executed this technique with ease and class in this living room by matching his chairs with the throw pillows on the couch, contrasting the leather footrest in between. Well done Carl!

Try Floral Underfoot

Artful floral prints on the floor are another way to use this style. Awaken a room with pale neutral walls by adding a lively color palette underfoot.  Use the colors from the floor covering as inspiration for accompanying textiles. Floral kitchen rugs are an excellent way to add pattern, color, and warmth, and a bright print effortlessly livens up a white or neutral kitchen.  Area rugs in the kitchen should be durable materials that can withstand traffic and spills – an added plus is that floral prints tend to hide stains!

Floral pattern kitchen rug

Courtesy of

These Canadian carpet experts have managed to place this carpet strategically by the island for cooking prep, and doesn’t let the pattern make the kitchen feel too cluttered. Wonderful job!

interior design fabric tips - beautiful picture of a well-designed interior

Five Ways the Perfect Fabric Can Help Influence Your Interior Design

When you’re thinking about all of the different aspects that go into creating an attractive and effective design, you might be surprised how much the entire picture can be impacted by changing one simple piece of the puzzle. For example, your choice of fabric alone can entirely change the appearance and livability of a room. When it comes to creating an effective style of interior design, each individual aspect needs to be chosen carefully. Not only should the merits of each piece show it belongs with the design, but each piece should also be able to agree with the rest of the design. To create balance and flow, it’s important to never underestimate the importance each piece will play in your final design.

So, how does fabric come into the play of your design? Here’s how you can use five attributes of fabric to influence your interior design exactly the way you want it to.

Using Fabric to Add Color to Your Interior Design

When you look at a piece of fabric, its color is probably the first thing you notice. What is the color of the fabric? Is it a lighter pastel, or a deeper shade? Is it a very bold and highly saturated hue, or is it a more laid-back or subtly grayed hue?

Your color scheme has a significant influence on your design, not just regarding appearance, but for giving the right feel to your design. The fabrics you use for upholstering the furniture you arrange, the draperies and window treatments you hang, your pillows and more, all take part in establishing your color scheme. You can use large areas of fabric to provide a neutral foundation to help bolder colors in the room stand out, or alternatively as a way to showcase a color by creating a bold statement piece. You can use fabric on a smaller scale, to echo parts of your color scheme or provide a manageable source for an accent color.

Fabric Texture for Comfortable Interior Design

When you brush your hand against a piece of fabric, you’ll notice its texture right away. When you’re looking for the prefect fabric for furniture or anything that will be felt often, you’ll obviously want to choose a fabric with an appealing texture to it. Interior design isn’t just about making things look attractive, it’s about creating a livable space. Consider what type of texture you need carefully, and remember to keep comfort and textile-appeal in mind while you explore your fabric options.

Incorporating Visible Texture with Fabric

Of course, texture isn’t just something you feel, but also something that you see. Good design incorporates a pleasing balance of textures, and fabric provides a source for finding any type of visual texture you want. Designs aimed for a warm and comfortable living space can benefit greatly from fabrics with a lot of texture, while smooth and elegant designs might be improved with the use of silky and satiny fabrics with more flow. Visual texture from fabrics can be emphasized by lighting to achieve the right effect.

Using Patterned Fabric for Effect

When it comes to finding the perfect patterns for your design, fabric is a popular solution, because it can provide you with nearly endless possibilities. There are solid colors to add strength, soft and subtle patterns to add additional visual texture without being overwhelming, and bold patterns to attract the eye—and all of these in an array of colors, from soft pastels to louder hues. Fabric provides a lot of options for changing how your design looks, and finding the perfect pattern can be a great way to subtly add an additional layer of interest to your design.

Add Interest to Your Interior Design with Printed Fabric

Sometimes, nothing but a particular type of print will do. Fabric can be found with prints featuring nearly any subject matter. Tapestries turn these prints into artwork, showcasing the fabric and occasionally using it to create a focal point for the room. On a smaller scale, printed fabric provides an excellent way to reinforce the theme or idea of the room. Fabric can be used as a very simple way to add an interesting accessory to a design. Whatever subject or elements you’d like to add to your design, there’s a fabric out there with the perfect print of exotic animals or ocean waves, just waiting for you to find it.

Not only will the color, patterns, prints, and textures of the fabric you choose influence the appearance of your interior design; your fabric choice is vital for giving the room the right feel and comfort. Remember a good rule from Timothy Corrigan: “It’s comfort first, comfort last, comfort always.”

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You’re so Vervain: High-End Interior Fabric & Trimmings by Fabricut

Vervain, a fabric and trimmings line by Fabricut, was created in 2004 to meet the needs of high-end, traditional interior design styles. They say it best on their website:

Crafted with artistry and distinction, Vervain captures luxurious quality and unites it with expressions of romance, beauty and spirit; transforming traditional fabric designs into the extraordinary. Our classical and chic color palettes and exclusive print and woven statement patterns supply the interior designer with style and limitless options.

There are hundreds of fabrics we’ve been obsessing over in the Vervain line, but there are six in particular that we are currently having a love affair with…

Like this one from the Windows One Havanna collection.

vervain fabric nycBronze. Shiny. Chic. Perfect.

And this one from the Vervain One Aqua One collection.
vervain fabric nyc

Gold plus aqua equals… LOVE

And how can you not be in love with this fabric from the Charles Faudree Slate collection?
vervain fabric nyc

It’s like if you gave Pierre Deux some colored pencils. =)

And how about this one from the Barry Dixon Sky & Water collection?

vervain fabric nycThink Barry got his inspiration from the beach? We do. Golden sand, aqua and blue, and teal. Summer time!!

This one from the Vervain Spring 2014 collection is so pretty.
vervain fabric nyc

Can you tell how in love with aqua and teal we are?

How about now? This one is also from the Vervain Spring 2014 collection.

More blues and teal, because if you can’t be at the ocean, you can at least live in it!!

Interested in the Vervain line of fabrics by Fabricut?

Get in touch!!


Silk Fabric NYC – Only $45 Per Yard!!!

If you’re looking for silk fabric in NYC….

10 new silk fabrics from India just arrived, and they are gorgeous!

Come in a see them! There’s a limited quantity, and they are only $45 per yard!!!

A. $45/yard
picture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

B. $45/yard

picture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

C. $45/yard

picture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

D. $45/yard
picture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

E. $45/yardpicture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

F. $45/yardpicture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

G. $45/yard
picture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

H. $45/yardpicture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

I. $45/yardpicture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

J. $45/yardpicture of gorgeous silk from from india that you can buy in NYC

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5 Funny Fabric Quotes (Pictures!!)

In case you haven’t visited us on Pinterest, take a look at our latest pins. They’re funny!!

5 Funny Fabric Quotes

“This fabric is perfect. I’ll NEVER reupholster this couch again!!” -said someone once, about 3 months before reupholstering that couch


We think HE should cook himSELF dinner.


Funny… I just saw a guy looking for his husband in the same store!! Everyone hearts fabric!!


With all the amazing restaurants in NYC, NO ONE needs a kitchen, unless you want to save some money by cooking at home… to use for more fabric. Hm… Dilemma…


Don’t worry… She’ll be back for the rest eventually…



Boucle Fabric – NYC – Find it at Beckenstein Fabrics

If you’re looking for Boucle fabric in NYC, get in touch with us, because we have it!!

We have true boucle fabric by Place Textiles and Kristie Strasen. This is a fabric from the Balmory collection:

picture of boucle fabric that you can buy in nyc at Beckenstein Fabrics


Balmory is a luxurious yarn-dyed wool boucle of exceptional durability. This fabric has a natural resiliency and will conform to any contour. The fabric is perfect for modular pieces or anything requiring texture with a little stretch. Balmory does not require backing.

Fiber Content: 92% wool, 8% nylon
Width: 54″
Repeat: none
Abrasion: exceeds 50,000 cycles Martindale
Fire Code: passes California 191-53 technical bulletin 117, section E
Colors: 12

For even more information, here’s a link to a PDF.

It comes in many, many colors, so get in touch to find out more, request samples, etc.

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