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Flower Power – Incorporating Floral Prints in Your Home Decor

There is nothing more classic in home decorating than the floral – it never goes out of style.  Floral prints can be botanical and iconic, or colorful and modern, and they provide a fresh, feminine sensibility to a space.  In honor of spring and all its heady blooms, here are some ideas for incorporating the floral into your decorating.


A Bright Accent

If you’re not sure about committing to floral prints, you can test them out with some bold floral accent pillows on your more neutral furniture or a pretty flower-patterned tablecloth in your dining room.  Swap out some wall hangings you’re tired of for a pair of garden-inspired framed botanical prints.  These are all easy and low-risk ways to try florals in your home.

Floral print throw pillows

Courtesy of

Here we have a beautifully done example by Tamar at Nest Pretty Things where the throw pillows have a subtle touch of floral print that really blends in with the room. The goal is to not be overwhelming with this pattern, and Tamar has done a wonderful job! Check out here awesome blog and accessory designs over here!

In the Bedroom

A floral duvet cover or another bedding is a great way to introduce a bouquet into your sleeping quarters and adds femininity to the room.  The same can be said for floral window treatments, lampshades, or a headboard upholstered with a floral fabric that complements the bedding.  If your aim is to keep the space more gender-neutral, pick a floral on a grey or tan background.  Finally, the bedroom is a lovely and unexpected place for fresh flowers by the bedside or on a dresser.

Floral Duvet Cover

Courtesy of

Phoebe Oldrey of Smartstyle Interiors has done a fantastic job with this master bedroom! The blue shade makes is not overwhelmingly feminine, but still gives a classy touch of floral. The matching color wall and curtains tie the whole room together, making this an excellent example of floral print being used in the bedroom. Check out her blog  for some very insiteful design tips with her English background and style!


Garden-inspired prints are classic wallpaper subjects, but there are just as many bold and modern floral wallpapers on offer.  Consider an accent wall of paper behind your sofa or your bed, to bring florals in without overwhelming a space.  Small prints look great in bathrooms or kitchens, but you can also use papers with bolder patterns and colors as an alternative to tile in a kitchen – bonus: most wallpaper is more durable than paint for use in food prep/cooking areas.

Floral Print Wallpaper Kitchen

Courtesy of

Lisa Wolfe used floral wallpaper as an accent wall in this kitchen to bring this eclectic, bohemian kitchen to life! While it is not behind the cooking area, this pattern makes this an interesting and unique kitchen design without overwhelming you with the floral pattern. Check out her blog for some cool design tips and lifestyle tricks!

Pattern Mixing

If your sofa is a checked pattern, that doesn’t mean you can’t use florals in the living room too.  In fact, layering patterns is a chic way to sophisticate a space. Traditional florals on classic upholstery are one of a decorator’s favorite tools. Try matching your accent chairs and sofa pillows to tie together a cohesive look. The key is to use patterns of differing scales; if your floral is a large cabbage rose, pair it with a smaller more geometric pattern for balance.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Texas based designer Carl Wesley Lowery executed this technique with ease and class in this living room by matching his chairs with the throw pillows on the couch, contrasting the leather footrest in between. Well done Carl!

Try Floral Underfoot

Artful floral prints on the floor are another way to use this style. Awaken a room with pale neutral walls by adding a lively color palette underfoot.  Use the colors from the floor covering as inspiration for accompanying textiles. Floral kitchen rugs are an excellent way to add pattern, color, and warmth, and a bright print effortlessly livens up a white or neutral kitchen.  Area rugs in the kitchen should be durable materials that can withstand traffic and spills – an added plus is that floral prints tend to hide stains!

Floral pattern kitchen rug

Courtesy of

These Canadian carpet experts have managed to place this carpet strategically by the island for cooking prep, and doesn’t let the pattern make the kitchen feel too cluttered. Wonderful job!

bedroom by curated kravet

Bringing Light into Dim Living Spaces

When living areas are dark, they tend to feel closed-in and gloomy, which makes people seek the sunnier, visually warmer spots in a home.  But even if a living room is north-facing or has small windows, there are some simple design tricks to bring in light and make the space feel brighter and more spacious.

Get rid of heavy drapes or window treatments, for starters.  Dim living rooms benefit from minimal window treatments, like sheer white roller blinds that provide privacy but let in lots of light.  Avoid visually heavy curtains, instead opting for light airy fabrics, and consider installing the curtain rod near the ceiling line and buying longer panels that go to the floor, to create height and drama in the space.

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas

Another indispensable curtain-hanging trick that makes windows seem larger and prevents window treatments from blocking precious light, is to buy rods that extend past the windows by at least 6” and more optimally 12,” on either side of the casing.  This way when the curtain panels are parted, virtually none of the window is obscured and all of the natural light can illuminate the room.

It should go without saying, but color in dim spaces is everything.  Using warm creamy whites or other pale colors that reflect light can help brighten a space, literally and figuratively.  Dark or dramatic wall colors can close a space in.  Layering different whites for the trim paint, wall paint, and window treatments can still feel warm, as can light-colored rugs or floor finishes.  White furniture can also visually free up a dim space, but might not work for all households, unless you use washable slipcovers for the upholstered pieces.

Light bedroom by Stark

Palm Beach home featuring STARK fabrications

Treating a dark living area with reflective accessories that throw light around is another way to brighten the space and keep the white finishes from feeling sterile.  Mirrors mounted on the wall opposite windows reflect all that natural light back into the room, and glass or metal occasional pieces like side tables also add some shine.  Consider mirrored frames for artwork or photographs on display.

all white bedroom with grand mirror

A luxe Washington D.C. apartment by Solis Betancourt & Sherrill from Architectural Digest

Finally, brightening up a dim space can be done most simply by changing out all the light bulbs in a room to daylight LEDs, and adding more occasional lighting like table or floor lamps.  Table lamps create warmth, especially if they have warm metal/brass tones or glass bases, and should not be undervalued even in a space with overhead lighting.

Lighting and Lamps by Curated Kravet

Lighting Collection by

Holiday Colors for Decorating Your Home This Season

It’s that time of year again. You’re ready to decorate for the holidays, but you don’t know how you want your home to look. Of course, the traditional red and green Christmas color scheme is the first to spring to mind, but what if you want your personality to show through this holiday season? Here are some different ways to change up your decorating this year

Blue and silver are a great combination for the holiday season. This color scheme not only looks great upon an evergreen but makes for a fantastic winter theme. The ice blue and shimmering silver is a perfect compliment to the cold winter weather, but, instead of frigid, it leaves your home refreshing and bright.

silver and blue Christmas decor

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Gold is another perfect color for the holiday season. It not only works for Christmas but also for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa decorations. This glisten of gold stands out on its own, but it also complements other seasonal favorites: reds, greens, and blues. We suggest you opt for gold curtains to keep out the gold and add a warm glow to your living room. Incorporate gold mantle pieces and table decorations to brighten your home during this season of lights.

Gold Upholstered Chair and Christmas Tree

Courtesy of

Dreaming of a white Christmas? With how the winter is shaping up in New York City, if you want a winter wonderland, you are going to need to make one yourself. Go for an all-white color scheme. Adding the white detail onto your Christmas tree will make it look like it snowed in your own home. Finish the illusion by adding a white ottoman, a throw rug, and some throw pillows. No matter the weather outside, you home will be bright and luxurious winter landscape.

White upholstered ottoman and upholstered chair, white christmas tree

Courtesy of

If you can’t pick one color that you want to use this holiday season, you don’t have to. Jumbling different colors and patterns has been long-standing Christmas tradition. From draping your home in multi-colored lights and mismatched ornaments. You can do a mixture of colors and really get creative with your holiday decor. Incorporate vibrant colors like lime green, pink, and orange. A hodge-podge collection of decor and color bring a traditional feel that can make even the most modern homes feel more cozy.

multicolored Christmas living room

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But, if you are a sucker for the classics and want to decorate around a red and green theme, then make it pop. Add in colors like silver or gold to make your display more eye-catching. You can incorporate metallics in your decorating by adding a few silver and gold ornaments on your tree. This will bring some sparkle to your space as well as make your personality shine through this traditional look.

multi-colored Christmas tree and blue and red throw upholstered pillow

Courtesy of

The holiday season is the best time of year to show off your home. Don’t be afraid to go bold and wow your holiday guests.

Finally Cure Yourself of Decro-Phobia with 3 Easy Steps

You have always wanted to change-up your living room and finally replace that horrid wallpaper that has been in the foyer since you moved in, but sometimes that task can seem so big that it prevents you from ever starting. Put an end to your decorating paralysis and rid the worries brought on by decro-phobia.

Step 1: Start-up Your Imagination

cheap upholstery store


The only rule here is to design for yourself. Figuring out what you want will be difficult if you keep second guessing yourself because you are concerned what others might think. Throw those thoughts aside and design with absolute freedom. Let your imagination run wild and create a design that fits exactly what you want.

Step 2: Break It All Down

Don’t look at this project as one daunting task, but an amalgamation of little ones. You aren’t redecorating a room, you are first choosing your color scheme.

Next begin painting or applying wall coverings to the walls and ceiling.

cheap upholstery store


After you can get to re-upholstering your furniture, and adding in your accent pieces like rugs and throw pillows.

cheap upholstery store


Finally, we add the final non-upholstered and accessory items. Bring in your side tables, photos, lamps, plants, etc. Breaking up a huge job into small steps will make it much easier to tackle.

Step 3: Seek Help

Getting a second opinion from a professional (like those super great guys at Beckenstein Fabrics *nudge nudge*) can do wonders for your tension. Sometimes just a little bit of affirmation can rest our minds and assure us that we are on the right track.

Beckenstein Fabrics and Interiors is a complete resource for designers and DIYers alike.

Beckenstein Fabrics and Interiors is a complete resource for designers and DIYers alike.

The added bonus is that an expert can solves a problem before it happens. Maybe your patterns look great as a sample, but are too overpowering for a three piece sectional. This is a mistake many people make by blind ordering and is easily solved by asking for a professional opinion.

Turn Up Your Bedroom’s Coziness to the Max

Turn off the air, close the windows, and pile on the blankets. It is the season for layering, and all those blankets give you the chance to have fun mixing up shades, patterns, and colors.

handwoven fabric


An oversized down comforter makes the perfect wrap for late Netflix sessions sipping hot cocoa and adds volume to your bed that you can really sink into.

Trade a plush comforter for a heavy fur throw or knit blanket to bring more texture into your bedroom.

Cover your cold wooden headboard, and have it upholstered with soft warm fabrics like velvet. A padded headboard is the perfect finish for that “sleeping upon a cloud” arrangement.

handwoven fabric


Nothing is worse than walking across cold wooden floors in the morning. Add a rug, or better yet even two; layer two rugs that differ and color and texture.

Heavy curtains are great insulators that keep cold air from drafting in and the heat from escaping.  They also maintain privacy in the earlier evenings when the house is light from within. No room for draperies? Roman shades are a more compact alternative.

Complete your bedroom with candles or lanterns. Pumpkin spice scented candles will of course be a seasonal favorite, but I prefer to go for a battery-operated lantern as a replacement for my bedside lamp that I don’t have to worry about when I fall asleep reading. –it also works better than my phone when navigating to my kitchen for a late night snack.


handwoven fabric

4 New Ways To Use Drapes In Your Home

1. Hide storage closets

Use curtains to hide your closet in way that is more elegant and takes up less space than a door, sometimes fitting in to areas where a door simply cannot. Open or closed, these drapes are a versatile solution to concealing or displaying your shelved décor.

2. Decorate entrances

cheap upholstery store


There is just something that feels so summery about having sheer curtains drape a patio entranceway; the fabric flowing in the breeze as the sun shines into the sun room. You can also utilize heavier fabric to add extra privacy to glass doorways.

3. Drape your bed

cheap upholstery store

In New York, the summers seem to come and go, and with that comes our ability to decorate for the beautiful weather. A canopy bed is an option that lets you stay flexible throughout the year. Decorate your canopy in sheer during the summer for a tropical look that is sure to bring home the essence of a Caribbean getaway and change up into a thicker fabric in the winter to add warmth and coziness to your bed.

4. Divide the room

cheap upholstery store

Two rooms, two purposes, and two environments. This is a lot easier said than done for most of us living in NYC. Turn nooks into rooms of their own by adding a curtain that widens the room, or closes it off when it’s time to get to work. For those who enjoy loft living, a dark curtain can increase your privacy or keep out the sunlight on those lazy Sundays sleeping in.