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Don’t Do What This Husband Did To His Home

Any husband who values his marriage (and his life) should know that making big changes to the home décor while the wife is away is not a good idea. Well one reckless, unfashionable man decided to repaint his entire home in “Xbox Green” (Warning, some NSFW language in the comments) and these are the results:

Xbox Green

By now he is either hunting for massive amounts of primer or a divorce lawyer. My advice to him is:

  1. Never redecorate your house without telling or asking your wife (this goes both ways).
  2. Don’t redesign your home in poor taste. It’s all fun and games until someone lessens the resale value of their home.

If you haven’t clicked into the Reddit thread yet, take a look at some of our favorite responses:

comment 1
At least he will able to keep the house now.

comment 2
Our guess is that sleeping on the couch gives him more time to play Xbox. It’s a win- win.

comment 3
It wouldn’t make a difference. She would still be able to feel the radiation coming off those green walls.

comment 4


This guy definitely didn’t let his dream be just dreams.

There is no way to avoid repainting the home, but maybe he can save time by leaving one wall as memento. Repaint the rest of the room (not the whole house, if the master painter himself is reading this), a light grey or bright white to make the neon green a bit more subtle.

Midcentury Dining Room by Oakland Architects & Building Designers Mercedes Corbell Design + Architecture

The Forgotten Fabric: Outdoor Fabric

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Virginia’s Tysons Corner. Walking through the Plaza I couldn’t help but notice the mandarin-red canopies (pictured below) towering over the plaza’s seating.

Tysons Corner Plaza Photo

Source: TimelineMedia;

It reminded me of the many uses of fabric, textiles outside of the velvets and silk that we drape our home furniture in, or the cotton and denim that make up our daily wear. The awnings of Tysons Corner, as many outdoor furnishings, is made of a polythene or polyethylene based fabric. As the plaza’s designers already know, this fabric is made to withstand the harsh effects of weathering. The material is water resistant and is protected from fading due to sunlight.

Aside from the material, the modern design of the canopy is eye-catching as well. For those who may be NFL fans, the design is reminiscent of the concept used for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

New Atlanta Falcons Stadium


Architects drew inspiration from the team’s logo and created a retractable roof structure of eight roof petals with a “camera lens-like” effect that exposes the inside of the facility to the open air on game days. When closed, the translucent panels allow for light to shine into the stadium. This look provides fans with an outdoor feel using a modern day design. The material used for the panels is known as ETFE, a (you guessed it) polythene fabric that carries some extraordinary qualities above the materials shading your patio.

Fabric made from ETFE is about 1% the weights of glass and is able to transmit up to 95% of light, making it a favorite substitute for glass roofs. The fabric is incredibly durable, unaffected by UV light, environmental weather, and even atmospheric pollution. The cherry on top? It is 100% recyclable, making it both friendly for both architects and environmentalists alike.

It is certainly incredible the many uses and textiles that make up the fabric, and sometimes it takes a bit of looking to truly notice the materials that lie outside our upholstered sofas and love seats, tufted headboards, or shear curtains.


This house is so small it’s hilariously awesome!!

We stumbled on this while checking out a cool blog we follow.

What would do if you had to build a house with only 221 square feet of floor space?

This couple did it, and it’s actually awesome.

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Art Matters: Bergdorf Goodman and Grey Area Collaborate


Since January 31st, Bergdorf Goodman and Grey Area have been showcasing an installation called Art Matters. Here are some links to pictures and information about the installation!!

Instagram Photos Tagged with #artmatters

Photos taken by Tracy Jackson

“The windows are worth seeing if you are in New York and should be up for the next month.”

Information and Photos on the Bergdorf Goodman Blog

Here’s what their blog post about the installation says:

This spring, art is our muse.  Therefore it only makes sense to kick off New York Fashion Week with an incredibly unique installation created in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Grey Area.  Expanding beyond Fifth Avenue, this installation will feature ten artists for ten spaces, including Peter D. GerakarisAdam Parker Smith and a unique installation from performance artist Andrea Mary Marshall (see below for a complete list).  While the Fifth Avenue installation will be revealed Friday, January 31, our 58th Street will unveil next week.

Stay tuned for photos, videos and more as Art Matters! unfolds on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street… until then, click through the above slideshow for a preview of what the Grey Area team and participating artists have been up to (like splatter-painting the Third Floor with a Japanese fan).  For more insider scoop, follow the #BGWindows and #ArtMatters tags on instagram and twitter.  Also, follow @bergdorfs’ instagram on Friday, January 31 as Grey Area takes the helm and shows you just how the installation is unfolding.

[10 Artists for 10 Spaces]
Christopher Astley * Mattia Biagi * Kristin Cammermeyer * Sebastian Errazuriz * Lionel Esteve * Peter D. Gerakaris * Andrea Mary Marshall * Adam Parker Smith * Kasper Sonne * WXYZ x Laura Wass   Created in collaboration with Grey Area.

Have you seen the installation at Bergdorf Goodman? Tell us what you thought!!

432 Park – New York’s Tallest Apartment Building – Yes Please!!

Are you ready to see some incredible renderings of what 432 Park, the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere, will look like when it’s completed in 2015?

Get ready:

Would you live at the top?

What do you want? A cookie? How ’bout a cake?!

Look at this cake someone made for us for the holidays!!

beckenstein-cake-1 beckenstein-cake-2There’s a chair on the top, and some basketball and ski-themed decoration!!

We think it’s just fantastic!!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year!!

An Upholstery Story That Will Warm Your Heart

When Hurricane Sandy hit, many were left with ruined or nearly ruined furniture. For some, replacing the furniture was the only option. For others, repairs were not only possible, but considering the sentimental value of pieces that had been in the family for generations, something just HAD to be done.

Here’s a really nice story about how Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors was able to help a family salvage the furniture that holds a special place in their home and hearts.

I know it’s odd to refer to an upholsterer as “heroic”, but that’s what Garry Greenberg and the whole team at Beckenstein Fabric & Interiors were for us!  When Superstorm Sandy swamped our home by the beach, pouring sea water and who knows what else all over our heirloom furniture, items that had been in our families for three generations, we didn’t know which way to turn!  All we knew was that we had to get the furniture out, and fast!  Here’s the heroic part – without knowing us as previous clients, I called Garry out of the blue three days after the storm and begged him to pick up our furniture for restoring.  Garry did not hesitate – he had a truck out to our house within days, allowing us to begin the necessary demolition and mold removal sooner than anyone else in our area.  Garry doled out the furniture to the various artisans necessary to restore it all and then proceeded to warehouse the repaired pieces for 10 months, waiting while our house was repaired and in a condition to receive the furniture back.  I truly don’t know what we would have done without them.  The storm was definitely very traumatic, but Garry and the crew at Beckenstein’s provided a relative calm during an otherwise tumultuous time.  We will be grateful every time we sit our grandmother’s couch!


Thank you, Heather, for the heartwarming message. We are so happy to have helped.

Do you have furniture you need reupholstered? Send us a picture. We’d love to guide you through the process.

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