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How your work space is designed greatly impacts the environment it creates for both your customers and employees. Business owners or designers doing commercial work can use these posts as a resource for helpful tips and inspiration.

Accent Pieces and Why We Love Them!

Vintage and antique furniture pieces bring a certain feel of sustenance and richness to any home. The Victorian sofa that you inherited from your grandmother or the piece that just caught your eye from the window of an antique shop exhibits a unique type of strength and staying power that no modern piece comes close to.

Fabric stores that upholster

At the same time, once you get your new find home, the style that you love so much takes on a worn and outlived look that doesn’t fit into your home. The right choice in Beckenstein upholstery fabric and a professional upholstery job is the first step toward transforming your new piece of furniture into the perfect accent piece for your home.

Fabric stores near me that upholster

The Final Details

Bringing together furnishings and accessories to blend two different time periods takes a combination of expertise and availability of resources. Beckenstein Fabrics has thousands of designer fabrics to choose from, and a design staff that can advise you on your choice in window treatments, pillow covers, and wallpaper to make your vintage or antique furniture blend with your décor or become the focal point of the room.

Let us help you find the exact fabric you are looking for to make what is old new again! Call Beckenstein Fabrics at 888-960-9958 or visit our showroom for a fabric and design consultation today!

How to Make Your Home a Happy Home

This week we are going to take some me time out and talk a bit about ourselves for those who may or may not know about who we are and what we do.

New York Fabric Store and Custom Upholstery

New York’s Finest Fabric Resource and Upholstery Service since 1918.

Beckenstein fabrics started nearly a century ago. 1918, Samuel Beckenstein, a Polish immigrant, started his business making trousers for his customers to match their suit jackets when the original pair of pants had worn. His craftsmanship and the quality of his work lifted his business to prominence – there was even a song written about Sam Beckenstein in 1935 and sung by Barbra Streisand on her Color Me Barbra album. Before long Beckenstein’s small shop on Orchard Street  had become one of the world’s leading fabric companies.

drawing of beckenstein orchard st by Robare

Beckenstein on Orchard St.
Illustrations by Robare

Today, we carry on the Beckenstein family tradition of providing only the highest quality of service and a staunch commitment to excellence, providing New York City with fine fabrics and custom re-upholstery.

At any time you can find all different people in our storefront, from professional interior decorators and designers to homeowners and hobbyists. Some are in search for the perfect fabric to upholster a few throw pillows with so that they can complete their bedroom re-design. Other have pieces that hold a personal significance – like an occasional passed down from their grandmother that has worn and needs to be brought back to life.

So what is the Beckenstein Experience?

We have broken down the process into 5 simple steps – guiding our clients from drab to Beckenstein fab.

Home need sprucing up? It's time to give us a visit. Illustration courtesy of Robare

Home need sprucing up? It’s time to give us a visit.
Illustration courtesy of Robare

ONE. It starts with an idea; not ours – yours. Bring with your vision, your mood board, and your idea book.

beckenstein resource for fabric to bring your ideas to life

Feel free to get creative and browse through the thousands of designs we hold.

TWO. Next, let our staff help guide you through the thousands of designer fabric samples that we carry in-store. Holding the largest collection of designer fabrics in New York City, we can help you find that perfect pattern and texture to dress your padded headboard.

largest collection of fabric resource in new york city

Endless collections of designer fabric samples, wall coverings, and color schemes.

THREE. Once everything has been picked out, we will go over how you would like the fabric or window treatments applied. How will the seams be done? What about the padding or trim?

beckenstein fabrics resource and helpful staff

Don’t feel like you have to make all the decisions alone. Our staff is as big of a resource as our inventory.

FOUR. This is where we take the reigns. We will pick up your furniture from your home and bring it back to our workshop. Quality work takes time, so we ask that clients allow 3 to 6 weeks for service to be completed (depending on the size of the project of course).

beckenstein fabrics custom upholstery work

Our craftsmanship is second to none.

FIVE. Once your piece (or pieces) have been finished we will deliver them directly to you. Depending on the order, we will also install the items (e.g. window treatments, wall coverings).

the beckenstein fabric experience

Illustration by Robare

Are you looking to experience what tens of thousands of new yorkers have experienced over the generations? Give us a call at (212) 366-5142 or contact us online and begin your journey to a more beautiful home. Also, be sure to check out our current Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays special and your home perfect for Christmas.

And if you would like to contact Robare, the artist responsible for providing us these wonderful illustrations for this week’s blog you can visit his site:

East Hampton Library: Cushions By Beckenstein

Hundreds of people joined a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the new East Hampton Library, the result of several years of planning, fundraising, and construction.

Last November, Alec Baldwin donated $1 million to the construction of the library, and at the ceremony he presented awards to elementary and middle school students who submitted entries to the library’s writing and drawing contest.

We here at Beckenstein are proud to be a part of such a wonderful project—creating the cushions found around the new library!

Take a look at the cushions we made as part of that cool 16 foot windmill:

east hampton library

And here are some more pictures from the festivities:

east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library

We’ve worked on libraries before. See the work we did at the Julian Street Library at Princeton University.

Interior Design – Silver Spring, MD

Beckenstein recently did interior design work in Silver Spring, MD—upholstering everything you see in these pictures:

interior-design-silver-spring-MD-1 interior-design-silver-spring-MD-2 interior-design-silver-spring-MD-3 interior-design-silver-spring-MD-4 interior-design-silver-spring-MD-5

Those are some professionally-taken photos, but you can see others from another blog post about this apartment complex.

If you’re looking for interior design work in Silver Spring, MD, get in touch with us!


Azure Penthouse NYC: James Rixner, Beckenstein Fabrics, and More…

Picture of the Azure penthouse in NYC.

If you’re interested in gorgeous penthouses in NYC, you should take a look at Penthouse A of the newly released Azure Penthouse Collection.

Designed by James Rixner, award-winning interior designer, the 11 foot floor to ceiling windows (window treatments by Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors) are sure to wow you.

That’s right… Rixner used several vendors to complete the project.

Bose, Fabricut, Century Furniture and more…

And us, Beckenstein, for the window treatments!!! We created custom roman shades and custom draperies using fabric by Fabricut!!

So, if you want to see a gorgeous penthouse in NYC, check out Penthouse A of the newly released Azure penthouse collection by James Rixner.

Restaurant Booth Upholstery NYC

Upholster your restaurant booths in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors.

Take a look at the reupholstery job we did on this restaurant booth.

Here’s the before picture:

Before picture of a restaurant booth in NYC, before it was reupholstered. Now, take a look at the after picture. This is what it looks like now that Beckenstein reupholstered the restaurant booth in the workroom in NY:

Picture of a restaurant booth after it was reupholstered in NYCBeautiful, right?!

If you need your restaurant booths upholstered or reupholstered in NYC, get in touch! Heck, if you need ANYTHING reupholstered, get in touch!! 212-366-5142 or send us a message at

or or…

Fill out this form!!

or or or…

Fax us!! JK…it’s not 1994 anymore.. =)

Here are a few other links you might be interested in:

More before and after photos

Restaurant Design Tips: Five Things You Ought to Know

Restaurant Design Tips: Five Things You Ought to Know


Whether you’re opening a restaurant or just having some work done to freshen up the place, there are some important things to take into consideration. For example, do you know what questions to ask when having your chairs and banquettes constructed? If you don’t the people on the banquette could look like tiny little people sitting behind the table, and the people in the chairs could look like giants! It’s funny, but only for the staff… =) You want your guests to be comfortable, focusing on the dining experience—not the fact that they can barely see over the table to spear a piece of chicken paillard.

Here are five things you ought to know regarding design tips for your restaurant:

Flame proofing

Did you know it’s against fire code to have window treatments that aren’t flame proof? You need a signed certificate of flame resistance, otherwise you could be fined thousands of dollars!! The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice style to follow code. Ask us about on-site flame proofing, and about our collection of the latest and greatest commercial restaurant fabrics.

Chair seats in relation to banquette height

In other words, you don’t want some of your guests developing scoliosis as they lean over and down to reach their plates, and you don’t want the other guests at the same table feeling like they’ve developed osteoporosis and now they’re six inches shorter all of the sudden. Instead, everyone should be at a comfortable height, and everyone should be at the same height. It seems like common sense, but if it’s not taken into consideration at the onset of the project, it’ll be a problem upon completion.

Spiked heels and the damage they do

Your new restaurant is open and you’re expecting a big night. The bar scene is going to be bumping, and your best buddy has promised to bring a group of “woo girls.” The night goes as planned and you wake up on top of the bar the next morning, next to a bowl of white clam sauce you had the chef make before he escaped for the night. You look over at the banquettes and they are destroyed. Little holes and dents litter the surface, and there are scrape marks underneath the tables. A long blink brings back blurred images of the “woo girls” dancing on the seats, and scraping their heels on the floors especially hard every time they slid out of the banquette for another group instagram photo. The money you’ve spent… But this can be avoided, and not by being a party pooper and constantly patrolling. We know how to do it. Or if it’s too late, ask us how to repair your tattered banquettes.

How to subdivide your space with drapes for more private parties

Private parties are a great way to cater to a crowd that desires intimacy. And it’s also a great way to entice large groups of people to dine in your restaurant on nights that are relatively slow. You can offer a private dining experience for a per person charge and provide a hand-picked menu that the guest of honor chooses! But how do you do it if you don’t have separate rooms for private parties? You do it with drapes! Done right, this technique is not only functionally smart, but it’s beautiful and mysterious. Ask us how to do it.

How to keep the cold air out every time the door is opened

In the winter, many restaurants install a makeshift entrance with plastic doors and canvas to the outside of their establishments. They work for keeping gusts of cold air out of the dining area, but there’s a problem with them: they’re UGLY. Plus, they have to be taken down at the end of the season, and put back up when it gets cold. If you plan to put it up next week, but it’s already cold out, that’s an entire week of guests complaining about getting frostbitten every time your door opens, guests requesting to sit away from the door, and basically a huge inconvenience to the hosts and managers. With gorgeous front door drapes that are optimized for insulation, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of constructing and deconstructing an ugly entryway outside of your restaurant. You might also want to keep the cold air in in the summer. Curtains are a great way to accomplish that, and they add an aura of mystique!

At Beckenstein Fabrics, we know the little tips and secrets to making your business venture a success. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you open a gorgeous, functionally brilliant restaurant. We have the latest commercial restaurant fabrics, and a wonderful team of experienced salespeople to help you every step of the way.

Contact us now!