5 Interior Decorating Fails

Five hilarious interior decorating fails, because good design ideas come from happy people. 

Interior design and Interior decorating inspiration can come in many forms: The gorgeous work of another designer, a bouquet of flowers, the ocean.. Anything!! It hits you and inspires you to create. It’s an amazing feeling.

But sometimes inspiration can come from seeing something that is clearly not up to your standards (that’s the nicest way I could think to say that…).

That said…

Here are 5 interior decorating and interior design fails:

We’re not saying you shouldn’t put swords above your baby’s playpen, but we actually are, so don’t. 


via http://mom.me/

Is it just me, or did a zebra explode? Oh, it was a purple zebra? Got it…

via http://blog.builddirect.com

via http://blog.builddirect.com

There’s nothing wrong with this. We just prefer Ralph Lauren. #jkThisIsHorrible

furniture upholstery repair

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Yes I’m here to see Tim Burton. Is he around? 


“This room used to be WAY too ‘MATCHY.'” -Person who lives here

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via http://cdn.freshome.com

and lastly…

Really? THOSE tiles? 😉

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via http://www.blogcatalog.com

Well, that’s that. We hope you had as much fun reading this as we had writing it!!