3 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Less Boring: Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Fabric can bring color and comfort to a room, the bedroom being a really fun place to start adding fabric additions. 

And let’s face it, your bedroom is boring you lately, so why not spice things up with these few bedroom decorating ideas?!

1. Add a throw pillow to your boring bed.

photo of a boring bed without any decoration


Look at that sad bed. Now, close your eyes and imagine it with a couple really pretty throw pillows, like this one:

photo of a floral throw pillow that you can buy in NYC


Better. I know.

2. Get a fabric-upholstered headboard.

Do you like watching TV in bed? What looks more comfortable to lean against? 


photo of a wooden headboard


Or this?

photo of a tufted, upholstered headboard you can buy in NYC


Duh. Totes the second one.

3. Consider a valance.

If you store stuff under your bed, you know what looks nice? A valance. And if you match it with your headboard and do it right, it can look smart without looking too frilly. 

photo of a valance that matches the headboard and you can buy one in NYC


Fabric is a wonderful thing, and it’s just what you need to make your bedroom more cozy AND beautiful. We hope you enjoyed these bedroom decorating ideas. 

From headboards to other bedding options, Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors has you covered!!!


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