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3 Reasons Drapery Room Dividers are Awesome

We’ve written about soundproofing before with regards to reducing the sound from outside, and although it’s not likely that draperies can silence your space completely, proper soundproofing materials added to your favorite fabric can make a world of difference.

But what about reducing sound from within your home. For example, what if you want to reduce the sound coming from one room, so you can relax in a room close by?

1. Drapery room dividers reduce sound from room to room

Drapery room dividers made from your favorite fabric and then applied with soundproofing materials are an excellent solution. Not only do they do the job, but they look pretty too!

And what if it’s not just sound, but light that you want to hide from?

2. Drapery room dividers can reduce light

Drapery room dividers can be fitted with blackout materials that drastically reduce the amount of light that is able to travel through the fabric of the draperies.

Look at how this homeowner separated the bedroom from the living room with a curtain divider.

There’s a third reason drapery room dividers are such a great addition to your space:

3. Drapery room dividers add an extra level of privacy

It’s easy to see from the picture that drapery room dividers aren’t limited to reducing sound and light, but also have the added benefit of additional privacy. Not only do you sometimes not want to let light and sound IN, but sometimes you don’t want to let light and sound OUT.

The really cool thing is that you can use any fabric to create your drapery room divider, and one of the best choices—especially if you already have some decorative fabrics and upholstered pieces in your space—is a solid-colored fabric. We recently received a bunch of beautiful, solid-color microsuede fabrics. They inherently blackout light, so all you’d have to do is have them applied with soundproofing materials. See all of our microsuede fabrics, here. Or come into the store and visit!! 212-366-5142

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