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Making A Successful Home Gym for the New Year

Sweat season has begun! A new year brings new resolutions and topping everyone’s list is to get healthier and to begin exercising. So let’s dive into how to turn your spare guest room into a motivating home gym.

Before you start dragging in weights and a new exercise bike, let’s get the atmosphere right. Here we take a page from popular New York City gym’s, New York Sports Club and newcomer 24 Hour Fitness.

NYSC Interior

24 Hour Fitness interior

Paint or cover your wall with bold and vibrant colors.

Warm colors in shades of yellow or red will help excite you and keep you energized throughout your workout. Stay away from dark blues and grays and opt for shades that brighten the room.

Complement your walls with large mirrors that open the space and spread light around, but more importantly, let you observe your form as your workout. Added bonus: you can also admire yourself after every hard-working session.

perfect home gym mirrors

From Decoist

Prepare your space by covering the floors in a non-slip and soft material. Rubber flooring is a popular go-to, but those who want to maintain the room’s aesthetics can opt for carpet – sometimes laid on top of rubber flooring.


Don’t let it get too steamy in there either. Overhead fans are a great way to keep the air circulating and keep you cool.


Lastly, don’t forget that a home gym is allowed to feel like home. Put up a TV or install speakers for adrenaline pumping tunes for you to workout to. Feel free to throw up motivational posters or inspiring pictures to boost your morale. Add an upholstered bench and a rack of clean white towels for your post workout meditation and cool down.

I know you were dreading starting your workout, but follow these tips and make the home gym a room you will want to visit day after day.