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Finally Cure Yourself of Decro-Phobia with 3 Easy Steps

You have always wanted to change-up your living room and finally replace that horrid wallpaper that has been in the foyer since you moved in, but sometimes that task can seem so big that it prevents you from ever starting. Put an end to your decorating paralysis and rid the worries brought on by decro-phobia.

Step 1: Start-up Your Imagination

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The only rule here is to design for yourself. Figuring out what you want will be difficult if you keep second guessing yourself because you are concerned what others might think. Throw those thoughts aside and design with absolute freedom. Let your imagination run wild and create a design that fits exactly what you want.

Step 2: Break It All Down

Don’t look at this project as one daunting task, but an amalgamation of little ones. You aren’t redecorating a room, you are first choosing your color scheme.

Next begin painting or applying wall coverings to the walls and ceiling.

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After you can get to re-upholstering your furniture, and adding in your accent pieces like rugs and throw pillows.

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Finally, we add the final non-upholstered and accessory items. Bring in your side tables, photos, lamps, plants, etc. Breaking up a huge job into small steps will make it much easier to tackle.

Step 3: Seek Help

Getting a second opinion from a professional (like those super great guys at Beckenstein Fabrics *nudge nudge*) can do wonders for your tension. Sometimes just a little bit of affirmation can rest our minds and assure us that we are on the right track.

Beckenstein Fabrics and Interiors is a complete resource for designers and DIYers alike.

Beckenstein Fabrics and Interiors is a complete resource for designers and DIYers alike.

The added bonus is that an expert can solves a problem before it happens. Maybe your patterns look great as a sample, but are too overpowering for a three piece sectional. This is a mistake many people make by blind ordering and is easily solved by asking for a professional opinion.

Decorate Your Home with Colors That Flatter

We match many things to our complexion – our clothes, our makeup, or handbags and jewelry. Yet we haven’t thought about complementing our appearance with the place we spend a majority of our lives, our home.

First, let’s start by determining your undertone. There are 4 tricks that make this a super easy process.

(Feel free to skip down to the color matches and photos if you already know your undertone)

    1. What neutral colored clothing do you look best in?
        If black and white fits you best, then you are cool toned. If you’re better complemented by off-white and brown shades, then you are a warm toned.
    2. Check the color of the veins in your wrist.
        This one is by far the oddest way to find your undertone that I have come across. Having blue/purple veins indicated a cool undertone while green colored veins are indicative of having warm undertone.
    3. Take a look at your jewelry collection.
        Is it gold that makes your skin glow or does silver do a better job? Those with warm undertones will find gold more flattering and those with cold undertones will find their complexion suited for silver.
    4. Okay, I did all of these tests and I’m getting inconclusive results.
        If your skin tone seems to go well with just about anything then you’re probably neutral toned and pretty much any color will be a compliment.

Now moving onto which colors to choose for your skin tone.

You have a cool undertone:

  • Cool gray should be an obvious one here, most notably those that enter the silver spectrum.
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You have a warm undertone

  • Browns are you friends here. Feel free to choose from a range of shades varying from light mocha to deep bitter chocolate will be the most flattering.
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  • For those who desire a more colorful setting, than peaches and pale yellows should be the first colors to explore

Despite your skin’s undertones and most flattering colors, don’t feel limited in your options. Play around with your home’s color scheme to fit your personal style. It’s a nice luxury to have your home complement your natural looks, but it’s better to be happy with it. After all, a smile is the most attractive thing for your family and guests.

Turn Up Your Bedroom’s Coziness to the Max

Turn off the air, close the windows, and pile on the blankets. It is the season for layering, and all those blankets give you the chance to have fun mixing up shades, patterns, and colors.

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An oversized down comforter makes the perfect wrap for late Netflix sessions sipping hot cocoa and adds volume to your bed that you can really sink into.

Trade a plush comforter for a heavy fur throw or knit blanket to bring more texture into your bedroom.

Cover your cold wooden headboard, and have it upholstered with soft warm fabrics like velvet. A padded headboard is the perfect finish for that “sleeping upon a cloud” arrangement.

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Nothing is worse than walking across cold wooden floors in the morning. Add a rug, or better yet even two; layer two rugs that differ and color and texture.

Heavy curtains are great insulators that keep cold air from drafting in and the heat from escaping.  They also maintain privacy in the earlier evenings when the house is light from within. No room for draperies? Roman shades are a more compact alternative.

Complete your bedroom with candles or lanterns. Pumpkin spice scented candles will of course be a seasonal favorite, but I prefer to go for a battery-operated lantern as a replacement for my bedside lamp that I don’t have to worry about when I fall asleep reading. –it also works better than my phone when navigating to my kitchen for a late night snack.


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