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Simple Children’s Room Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Children’s rooms are the time to go big. Take the chance to get creative and go a bit wild because it’s a room that should be a hub of fun and imagination for you child. The kitchen, the living room, the dining room – these are the parent’s room. There is no running, no making a mess, and let’s not get too loud either. But a kid’s room is all their own. Make it a space that is unique and is bursting with personality.

So how do you start? I always recommend starting with furniture because matching the walls to the furniture is always less of a hassle than doing the reverse. This isn’t necessary for kid’s rooms. Feel free to start with picking out the room’s color. If your kids are up to the task, ask them what colors they would like. After all, it is going to be their room.

Instead of solid colored walls, shoot for wall coverings. Even the leader in childhood memories, Disney, knew how well prints work in a child’s bedroom.

toy story wallpaper

Walt Disney Picture’s Toy Story

Here are a few of our favorite wallpaper prints.

Modern Reading Nook With Teal Wallpaper Used on one wall in this kid’s room, patterned wallpaper adds a burst of color and whimsy. A modern floor lamp and molded chair create a pint-sized reading nook complete with a paper crane mobile.

Modern Reading Nook With Teal Wallpaper: Used on one wall in this kid’s room, patterned wallpaper adds a burst of color and whimsy. A modern floor lamp and molded chair create a pint-sized reading nook complete with a paper crane mobile. via


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After finishing your walls, then you can decide on the furniture. Let’s move on from the usual bed, dresser, and bookshelf. Child bedrooms and playrooms should have child-sized chairs and tables for them to use for all their little official office needs, but don’t forget about yourself. Squeezing into those little plastic chairs isn’t going to happen, but couches work great as seating for both you and your children to share.

kids room sofa

Photo Credit: AE Pictures Inc./Stockbyte/Getty Images

Rocking chairs are also a favorite because they work as both an iconic piece of décor and a bonding tool for your family.

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Lastly, you are going to need storage – lots and lots of storage. Painted bookcases and cupboards, and decorative bins are colorful alternatives to the usual drawer or chest.

What is Your Living Room Telling Your Guests?

What we don’t talk enough about is home design, specifically room design. The placement of your furniture can determine the role of a room. Is this space for play or for reading? Is it a personal getaway or does it invite guests in to stay and chat?

Here’s one layout you are probably using – your furniture faces your television. This could also be your fireplace, window view, etc.

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If the room is meant to invite conversation, then face your seating inward. Notice that television is set up and away from eye level. TV is an afterthought when guests are visiting.

Those with children will want to create an open space for the kids to play by pushing their furniture farther back towards the walls. Then surround the play area with seating so you can both monitor and chat.
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Here the sofa is used to split the room in two. The conversation has been left in the rear where guests can talk over cocktails.

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The center sofa keeps out the chatter so you can be left to read by the fireplace in peace.
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Helpful hint:
Before you get to carrying couches all over your living room, draw up a plan using an online room planner. Start with the bigger couches and chairs and then position the small items like coffee tables and end tables.

Don’t Do What This Husband Did To His Home

Any husband who values his marriage (and his life) should know that making big changes to the home décor while the wife is away is not a good idea. Well one reckless, unfashionable man decided to repaint his entire home in “Xbox Green” (Warning, some NSFW language in the comments) and these are the results:

Xbox Green

By now he is either hunting for massive amounts of primer or a divorce lawyer. My advice to him is:

  1. Never redecorate your house without telling or asking your wife (this goes both ways).
  2. Don’t redesign your home in poor taste. It’s all fun and games until someone lessens the resale value of their home.

If you haven’t clicked into the Reddit thread yet, take a look at some of our favorite responses:

comment 1
At least he will able to keep the house now.

comment 2
Our guess is that sleeping on the couch gives him more time to play Xbox. It’s a win- win.

comment 3
It wouldn’t make a difference. She would still be able to feel the radiation coming off those green walls.

comment 4


This guy definitely didn’t let his dream be just dreams.

There is no way to avoid repainting the home, but maybe he can save time by leaving one wall as memento. Repaint the rest of the room (not the whole house, if the master painter himself is reading this), a light grey or bright white to make the neon green a bit more subtle.

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