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9 Fun and Creative Ways You Could Be Using Wallpaper

1. Make your stairs standout
Give one of the most overlooked features of your home a bit of personality with some graphic prints and patterns.

wallpaper staircase

2. Decorate the cupboard
A unique backsplash can keep the look of your cupboards and cabinets from gathering dust.

wallpaper cupboard

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3. Line drawers
Refresh your tired dresser with a bit of wallpaper either lining the inside or wrapped around the face of the drawer.

wallpaper drawers

4. Frame your wallpaper
Wallpaper can carry the same effect hung up on your wall as it does when applied to it – and the effect will be less overwhelming.

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5. Apply wallpaper to the ceiling
Painting the ceiling is an incredible pain. Using wallpaper is not only easier but allows more freedom to style and design.

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6. Experiment inside closets
Closets are a great way to experiment with wallpaper before you apply them to a full room. If it plays well in the tiniest of rooms, then it may a good fit for a larger scene.

designer fabric


7. Wrap an Island
In many kitchens, the island is the centerpiece. Give it the attention it deserves with textured wallpaper.

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8. Cover your closet door
We talked about inside the closed, but adding wallpaper to your closet door can hide your closet away and create an accent wall where there wasn’t one.

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9. Backsplash bookcases
Draw your children away from their phones into some books with some playful wallpaper that is sure to attract their attention.

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Design a Home Office That Works

Working from home has some definite perks – no sitting in traffic, wearing pajamas until 2 PM, and the ability to breaks (or naps) as you see fit without facing the judgment of your co-workers. But as those who work from home know, jumping into “work mode” while home can be difficult. You have your TV, your pets, and even your bed calling for your attention as you try to finish your daily tasks. That is why it is vital to build a home office that can double as a part of your home, but also is optimized for productivity.

The first step is creating the “workspace barrier”. This is the boundary between at home and at work. Your office doesn’t need to be in its own room for this effect. You can use your desk to split a room, or settle it into a nook or corner area. One thing we do recommend, it be near a window or in a room that receives lots of natural light. There is nothing more depressing than spending all your work time in the artificial light.

For those who really want to change the atmosphere of their work space, you can repaint or cover the walls with a color or pattern that compliments the setting you enjoy working in. Use bright colors to add energy or light greens and blues to create a calming effect. To finish off setting your space, surround your desk with shelves, cabinets, and maybe a bookcase. Consider your workflow. What items will always need to be within reach, and which pieces of furniture can be set farther away to keep your home office spacious and clutter free?

home office white and earthy tones

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If you are an avid reader, than you may know that we always like to talk about ergonomics. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to concentrate. Choosing the right work chair is vital. You want a chair that will hold you upright, but won’t have you readjusting your position every twenty minutes. A rolling office chair, like an Aeron chair, can be a great indicator that this room is for work and blend well into a contemporary setting, or head for a chair with for legs to match a traditional or cottage style home.

ergonomic chair in home office

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For those times when you need some rest to restart the juices, add an ottoman that you can put your feet up on or have a futon or sofa to the side. This room incorporates a bed that is sure to prove useful on those late nights or dull afternoons.

home office nook

Home office nook by redditor dittidot

Now it’s time prep your office tools. Bring in a calendar and some sticky notes. Having your schedule and important notes in view ensures that you never miss an appointment or task. Buy containers to hold your pens, paper clips, and other miscellaneous office items so that they don’t clutter your desk (or your floors). Prepare your cabinets for filing with folders and dividers. Set your speakers atop your shelves or desk – when you work at home, you can enjoy all the sweet tunes you want. Then lastly, decorate! Put up some family photos and other favored desk decorations.

4 New Ways To Use Drapes In Your Home

1. Hide storage closets

Use curtains to hide your closet in way that is more elegant and takes up less space than a door, sometimes fitting in to areas where a door simply cannot. Open or closed, these drapes are a versatile solution to concealing or displaying your shelved décor.

2. Decorate entrances

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There is just something that feels so summery about having sheer curtains drape a patio entranceway; the fabric flowing in the breeze as the sun shines into the sun room. You can also utilize heavier fabric to add extra privacy to glass doorways.

3. Drape your bed

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In New York, the summers seem to come and go, and with that comes our ability to decorate for the beautiful weather. A canopy bed is an option that lets you stay flexible throughout the year. Decorate your canopy in sheer during the summer for a tropical look that is sure to bring home the essence of a Caribbean getaway and change up into a thicker fabric in the winter to add warmth and coziness to your bed.

4. Divide the room

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Two rooms, two purposes, and two environments. This is a lot easier said than done for most of us living in NYC. Turn nooks into rooms of their own by adding a curtain that widens the room, or closes it off when it’s time to get to work. For those who enjoy loft living, a dark curtain can increase your privacy or keep out the sunlight on those lazy Sundays sleeping in.

Home Decor Ideas That Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

We’ve all heard the basic tips about having a pet: Vacuum regularly and avoid wall-to-wall carpeting for less hair build up. Use stain-resistant fabrics and make sure you’re constantly bathing your pet and their toys to keep the smell of dog and the stick of slobber off your furniture… Yuck! Here’s a classic tip: work smarter not harder. Instead of constantly needing to clean and organize after your furry friend, we’ll show you how you can make them a part of your home.

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Using light colors such as white and beige might not be the best move. So take lemons and make bright, and vibrant lemonade. Pets present you with the opportunity to really work with color. You can go as far as matching your furniture to your pet’s fur to reduce dander visibility, or another solution is to match your pieces with your dog or cat’s bed. Have fun and make their beds an accent-colored piece so they feel like the center of attention whenever guests are around.

fabric wholesale
Kitchen by South West Cabinets & Cabinetry Barnes of Ashburton Ltd


If you really want to cater to your critters, incorporate furniture that is specifically made for your pet to enjoy.

Although most people think of cats or dogs when they talk about pets, we won’t forget of our readers with allergies or pet-restricted apartments. Fish and birds have a place in as just as many homes.

Birdcages are a new centerpiece must have! Old fashion birdcages give a rich ambiance that can be painted metallic or in bold colors. Even if you don’t have a bird, using the cage to fill candles with or plants mark a great twist.


Fish tanks and aquariums can serve as a great focal point in dining rooms, and can take the place where you normally have a television or painting. Though we’ll advise that you may want to keep things tame. Replacing your bathroom sink may be a bit much.

Share us photos of you pets in your home by commenting below or tag us on instagram.

Embrace the Summer Inside Your Home

Whether it is outside, in your living your, or your dining room, below you’ll find how to best use wicker furniture to add to the beauty of your home.

Since we’re in the summer season right now, most of us are trying to find ways to keep outdoors. Decorating your patio or backyard with furniture is one way to keep up with the heat and fashion. A backyard favorite has been wicker pieces for quite some time now, but adding the wicker theme to various space inside your home is an excellent addition to a cozy cottage or modern Victorian decor.


Outdoor Furniture

designer fabric

Since we’re in the summer season right now, most of us are trying to find ways to keep outdoors. Decorating your patio or backyard with furniture is one way to keep up with the heat and fashion, and the most common themes for outdoor furniture are centered around wicker pieces. From daybeds and lounge chairs to sofas and tables, this material can give you any look you want outside while being incredible easy to maintain. It can complement large or small groups of people when it comes to seating and adding thick cushions will bring comfort to anyone – perfect for a quick afternoon nap in the outdoor air!


Dining Room

The dining room may be the last place you would expect to see a set of wicker chairs, and that is exactly why these pieces can be so defining.

wicker chairs added to a modern Victorian dining room decor

Ada Teicu published a photo in that is a prime example of how wicker, with its neutral tone and cozy nature, can make a dining room of marble floors, tall taper candles, and tufted air chairs warmer and more welcoming.


Living Room

designer fabric


Bring your patio conversation inside by incorporating a wicker rocking chair into your living room.  The upholstered back or seat can be easily swapped to keep you living room style fresh and varied when you feel the need to shake things up. Spring to have it painted for an even bigger pop of color. Wicker ottomans or end tables are also a perfect substitute to your traditional wooden pieces.