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all white bedroom

All White Everything…or not

We love an all-white scheme because it is elegant; it’s a staple of minimalistic design and can makes a space bright and fresh. Yet many feel that all-white rooms can feel cold and sterile.

Break up the monochromatic color arrangement with a bit of color. Solid accent pieces that have a bright contrast can provide just enough pop to break up the monotony. Furthermore, designs (including multicolored) can add a bit of jazz to the otherwise quiet backdrop of your white walls. If you are reading for some color suggestions, (just like your favorite pair of jeans) blue is the ultimate goes-with-anything color for any piece furniture or décor.

white living room with orange and green accents

Source Credit to Oyvind Solstad


If contrast isn’t what you were vying for then try for a compliment. As a neutral with strong earthy undertones, wood blends perfectly into a while room. Incorporate wooden furniture, floors, or small wooden décor pieces to a white scheme to preserve the clean and fresh feel, or better yet add wooden accents to an off-white room for a more uniform palette When talking color, our favorite compliments are gray – which always plays as a perfect mediator between white and black aspects within the room – and sea foam. A pale blue-green bring out the bright of the white and creates a fresh mist reminiscent of the island beaches and white sand.

white living room with grey and wood accents

Sourced from Flickr

How do you break-up your all-white color scheme?


The Future of Fabric – Your shirt as the new touchscreen

Google has just unveiled their new smart fabric project “Project Jacquard”, a technology that will make your clothes – your shirt, your pants, your sweater – responsive to swipes and taps similar to how we interact our touchscreens now.

Project Jacquard

While everyone has been off imagining their new found clothing controls, and how they will be able to change songs to a touch of the sleeve, we have a completely different take. Imagining that smart fabric will be only used on clothing is too limiting. This technology has the ability to be anywhere that fabric can be, and that expands well past your denim jeans.

Smart fabric will be able to empower your home as much as your wardrobe. Change the channel on your living room TV by tapping the armrest adding modern functionality to your traditional Chesterfield sofa. Connect your bedroom drapes to a light sensor, and when the sun rises they open to greet you with morning rays. When the sun sets they slide closed to protect your privacy. Even outside when you are lounging in your yard, your awning or patio umbrella can open or close in reaction to rain or direct sunlight.

Modern Living Room

Smart fabric will be the next big step in home automation

The beauty of this technology is that it is all within the fabric; you aren’t forced to buy ready-made furniture. No need to throw away your favorite recliner or loveseat for some New Age model. Just have your furniture re-upholstered. Keep what you love, and still equip your living room or home office with latest in smart technology.


The Forgotten Fabric: Outdoor Fabric

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Virginia’s Tysons Corner. Walking through the Plaza I couldn’t help but notice the mandarin-red canopies (pictured below) towering over the plaza’s seating.

Tysons Corner Plaza Photo

Source: TimelineMedia;

It reminded me of the many uses of fabric, textiles outside of the velvets and silk that we drape our home furniture in, or the cotton and denim that make up our daily wear. The awnings of Tysons Corner, as many outdoor furnishings, is made of a polythene or polyethylene based fabric. As the plaza’s designers already know, this fabric is made to withstand the harsh effects of weathering. The material is water resistant and is protected from fading due to sunlight.

Aside from the material, the modern design of the canopy is eye-catching as well. For those who may be NFL fans, the design is reminiscent of the concept used for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

New Atlanta Falcons Stadium


Architects drew inspiration from the team’s logo and created a retractable roof structure of eight roof petals with a “camera lens-like” effect that exposes the inside of the facility to the open air on game days. When closed, the translucent panels allow for light to shine into the stadium. This look provides fans with an outdoor feel using a modern day design. The material used for the panels is known as ETFE, a (you guessed it) polythene fabric that carries some extraordinary qualities above the materials shading your patio.

Fabric made from ETFE is about 1% the weights of glass and is able to transmit up to 95% of light, making it a favorite substitute for glass roofs. The fabric is incredibly durable, unaffected by UV light, environmental weather, and even atmospheric pollution. The cherry on top? It is 100% recyclable, making it both friendly for both architects and environmentalists alike.

It is certainly incredible the many uses and textiles that make up the fabric, and sometimes it takes a bit of looking to truly notice the materials that lie outside our upholstered sofas and love seats, tufted headboards, or shear curtains.

Egonomic Sofa Example 1

You Must Have Forgot – The Sofa Is For Sitting

This recent article by New York Times is the inspiration for this week’s post. When designing a new sofa, or any piece of furniture for that matter, it is easy to get caught up choosing the form style, the perfect fabric, and to begin to dismiss comfort. In our quest for aesthetics we sometimes forget about function.

Ergonomic Sofa Example 2

Sourced from Flickr: Sofa Tania

If you are starting from scratch, then the solution is simple: address the depth of the seat and it height from the floor at the beginning of the process. Account for the dimensions of the frame plus the size of the seat and back cushions to get an accurate measurement for the final seat depth and height. If you are re-upholstering an older sofa, then resizing the frame may not be an option. In this case the cushions will be used to change the size of the seat.

Tailored furniture stores like ours will provide an option list (example below) that allows you to choose your seat depths. You want your seated position to promote good posture, allowing you to sit upright with your head, shoulders, and back aligned square upon each other and your feet flat on the floor below. We do not normally think of sitting upright at home when lounging on the couch flipping through the channels or reading a good book, but when not lying down sitting in a poor posture will lead to future back problems.

Custom-made Furniture Fill Out Sheet

The other half of the equation is cushion firmness. The most popular view seems to be that plush equals comfort, but constantly sinking into your sofa cushions does not give any support to counteract the pressure your body is exerting onto your back. It is important to find cushions that can adequately support your weight and have a density that won’t deteriorate quickly over time.

While your options might be limited when buying ready-made furniture, you have a slew of options available to you when you order custom made furniture. Not only can you be sure that the look of your sofa will do well to compliment the room and home décor, but you can have it tailored to ensure comfort and functionality.

Remember, one principle of design is that form follows function. If you plan on spending much of your time at home on the couch then shouldn’t enjoying that experience take precedent over everything else?