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Update Bedroom Decor for 2015

#tbt New Year, New Chapter with a Bedroom Makeover

The New Year started last Thursday but this Thursday we #tbt (Turn Back Time) by revisiting a previous post  to help begin this new chapter in your life.

In the May post entitled “Bedroom Makeover: Subtle Changes that Can Make a Big Difference” we discussed how bedroom redecorating can be cleansing, liberating, and easy to accomplish in a few steps.

While you might think that freshening up your space is a spring task, winter is actually the ideal time to give your bedroom a fresh look as it helps counter the mind-numbing and body-numbing effects of the season’s icy grasp. Having a project to do inside keeps your mind off what’s going on outside and creates a pleasant sanctuary to ride out any storm.

A good place to start with your bedroom makeover is with color because it has a stronger impact on your mood and the feeling of a space than you may realize.

In with the Color

Your color choices can have a dramatic effect on the mood and spatial sense of your room. For example, warm colors can make large rooms feel more intimate, but they can also make a small room seem even smaller. Reds are stimulating and high-energy but opt for deeper, rich variations that will make the room appear more elegant than overstimulating. Orange promotes energy and excitement, which may hinder your ability to fall asleep so keep it minimal. Yellow is a cheerful hue but is better when used as an accent color as well. Studies show that yellow rooms can cause people to get frustrated and make babies cry more, notes Freshome.

Read the whole post, here.

Update Bedroom Decor for 2015

With the easy changes and additions suggested in the post, you’ve taken the first steps toward redecorating your space to accommodate your New Year’s design resolutions.


This is Pantone’s Color of the Year, and You Need it for Your Home Decor

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Every year, The Pantone Color Institute announces its chosen color and for 2015, they’ve selected Marsala to hold that honor. Marsala is a rich, full-bodied red that draws its name from the fortified wine viewed as a robust, satisfying compliment to any meal. Your home’s decor can feast on this tasteful red-brown hue as it embraces everything from furnishings to draperies. Capable of playing the role of a grounded statement in a room or a bold accent, Marsala is a fashionable cure for cold, winter grayness.

Beautiful enhancement

Anyone who viewed last year’s Pantone color of Radiant Orchid as a bit too purple for his or her interior tastes welcomes the earthy sophistication of Marsala. The color works in easily with all styles of design and is a beautiful enhancement that brings the healthy flush of life back to your home. Just as makeup in this color pops against the winter snow, fabrics, paints, and accessories in Marsala stand out among a neutral space. Marsala brings romance to a bedroom, warmth to a kitchen, and comfort to a living room with its multidimensional talent.

fabric patterns

Enduring depth

Marsala has existed in makeup for years and now that Pantone has selected it as Color of the Year, it will start showing up in a variety of fashions from runways to furniture showrooms. While the popularity of Marsala will soar in 2015, it won’t fade into the obscurity of a passing trend. The rich depth of Marsala earns it a lasting place in your home decor when you incorporate it through throw pillows, blankets, upholstery, drapes, paint, and accessories.

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Design possibilities

If you’re unsure how Marsala works in your design, start small with items such as sofa pillows, artwork, or lamps. In this manner, you bring a small dose of the warm hue into your home and see where it works best among existing furnishings and paint colors. Increase the elegance of Marsala by incorporating it through textured surfaces that bring out its plush, welcoming qualities. When you’re ready to embrace Marsala fully, go bold with paint and furniture upholstered completely in the wine-red color. Committing to such a robust color on the walls of a large room may feel overwhelming, so opt instead to create a faux accent wall with luxurious floor to ceiling drapes.

fabric patterns

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala enriches your home and life with enduring depth, warmth, and earthiness. Come into our showroom to look through our thousands of fabrics, and ask about marsala!!