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Tips To Create an Eclectic Look In Your Home

Having trouble deciding which one of the many interior design styles is the best choice for your home? Fortunately, there’s no reason to confine yourself to just one style. By using a variety of carefully chosen styles, you have the opportunity to give your house an eye-catching and unique eclectic look that is sure to impress any visitor. Here are some key tips for creating a memorable eclectic interior in your interior.

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule
Interior design styles professionals suggest that anyone decorating in the eclectic style adhere to the 60-30-10 formula. Select three specific styles for each room of the house. Furnish the room with 60 percent in a dominant style, 30 percent in a secondary style and 10 percent in an accent style. For example, you might use this rule to furnish a living room with furniture in a traditional style, (60 percent), a modern style, (30 percent), and an Art Deco style, (10 percent). The traditional and modern styles complement each other, while the Art Deco furnishings provides a little icing on the decorative cake.

Opposites Attract
The contrast between two furnishings often provides an interesting visual focal point. For example, if you have a large chair in the traditional style on one side of a room, put a rustic-style chair on the other. The contrasting styles create a pleasing effect that will catch everyone’s attention. The opposites attract principle also works well with accessories. If you have a porcelain vase on a mantle, for instance, place a metal vase on the opposite end.

Use Symmetry
The human eye loves symmetry and is predisposed to favor shapes that are similar. This principle would seem to contradict the opposites attract rule, but it doesn’t really. These two eclectic design principles actually work well together. For instance, if you have two chairs in different styles placed across the room each other, select pieces that are similar in shape and size. The interplay of the different interior design styles and the comparable dimensions makes a compelling arrangement.

A Neutral Background
Although the eclectic style is typically lively and conspicuous, this applies to the room’s furnishings, not the background. The best choices for walls and floors are neutral colors, such as white or gray, or perhaps a light blue. Window treatments should be simple rather than elaborate. Keeping the background subdued ensures that room is engaging, but not too busy.
The eclectic style is increasing in popularity because it gives you so much scope to express your creativity when planning your decor. Use these valuable tips to make your home a truly eclectic showplace.

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Window treatment ideas

Fashionable, Functional, and Fun Window Treatment Ideas

Whether you’re dressing up an interior to accentuate the views or aiming to lower energy costs, there are window treatment ideas to suit every style, budget, and window shape. Transitioning through the seasons offers the perfect opportunity to update or modify current window coverings by using imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.

Energy saving ideas

The changing seasons often bring drastic alterations in temperatures. Reducing the heating and cooling loss from your home can help lower your energy bills and maintain indoor comfort. Thankfully, energy-saving window treatment ideas have evolved far beyond heavy, lined curtains and are now adaptable to all types of interior design.

Drapes – The right color and fabric weight drapes are highly effective in insulating a home’s interior against heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in hot weather. To receive the most benefit from drapes, hang them close to the window and if possible, all the way from the ceiling to the floor to insure a tight seal when closed.

Blinds – When you desire adjustable ventilation, privacy, and light, exterior or interior blinds are an ideal energy-saving solution. This type of window treatment on a sunny window reduces heat gain by almost 50 percent when lowered. When open, blinds allow in sunlight and heat to banish cooler temperatures.

Shades – With the right placement and color, shades are effective, flexible, and simple window treatment ideas to reduce energy loss. Creating a tight seal is important for obtaining maximum reduction of heat loss or gain from shades, so mount them close to the window glass and against adjacent walls. Additionally, shades with a dark color on one side and a lighter color on the other are more functional and reversible depending on the season.

Awnings – Window treatments on the exterior of a home add character, style, and energy savings. During the hottest seasons, awnings provide needed shade from the sun’s rays and help to reduce indoor temperatures. Mounting awnings on southern and western facing windows can reduce solar heat gain by up to almost 80 percent. This reduction means your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the home interior comfortable.

Ideas for views and versatility

Window treatments are the finishing touch on interior design and the various styles available are versatile enough to suit any space. The belief that certain kinds of window treatment ideas are restricted to traditional, contemporary, or modern spaces is outdated as today’s interior fashion often mixes styles for a stunning effect and uses unexpected window dressing elements to accent a unique view.

Mixed treatments – The use of blinds can feel more functional than fashionable but by adding drapes to frame the window (whether they close or are just decorative) it softens the look and draws the eye upward to interesting ceiling and molding details. You can also change things up a bit by hanging drapes of alternating patterns for an unexpected pop of style.

Framed view – Window treatment ideas that fit the design of the room and frame an amazing view are a double bonus. In a contemporary, urban space, pleated panels help highlight city skyline views while blending seamlessly with the overall design. The same effect is achievable by incorporating unusual window treatments such as plantation shutters on a city loft window. The shutters immediately draw the eye and shine focus on spectacular metropolis views.

It’s important to remember when considering window treatment ideas for your interior or exterior that whatever you choose needs to reflect your personal style, complement the overall design, and remain fashionably functional. There’s no reason to sacrifice beauty for efficiency with window treatment ideas.

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Custom sofa in NYC

Three Big Reasons Custom Sofas Deserve Their Great Reputation

Whether it’s a meeting place for your friends and family to gather around or a beautiful yet functional piece of a formal room, your sofa is more than just a place to sit. From its form to its fabric, your sofa is an integral piece of furniture for your home. It’s probably easy to see why sofas are one of the most common pieces to have custom designed and built, especially when you consider the numerous advantages that a custom sofa provides for both the look of your interior design and the actual functioning and use of the room that it’s in. If it’s time to replace your sofa and you’re thinking about upgrading to a more personalized piece, here are three of the biggest advantages that make custom sofas well worth your consideration.

#1: Custom Sofas Offer Reliable Quality

“You get what you pay for” isn’t just a saying, it’s a rule that tends to ring true in almost every area of design and home furnishings. While you can always find a good deal on big box sourced sofas, what you save in dollars will show in quality and lifespan. Furniture is considered by many to be an investment for your home—you want the furniture you buy to last for many years and look new for as long as possible. If you take a closer look at cheaply-priced sofas, you can easily see where the manufacturer cut costs that result in poor quality workmanship and materials.

On the other hand, when you choose a custom sofa, you have a much better idea of what you’re getting. Custom furniture builders tend to put much more attention and care into each unique piece, showing fine craftsmanship through every little detail. And because you have more input on what materials your custom sofa will be crafted out of, you’ll be able to pick materials that will work best and last longer in your unique home environment.

#2: Custom Sofas are Always the Perfect Fit

Is one of the biggest obstacles standing between you and your dream sofa is an oddly sized or awkwardly shaped room? You’re not alone. Without proper planning, many people choose a sofa based entirely on how it looks and feels in the store, only to encounter problems when it arrives home. We’ve heard it all, from wide frames that won’t fit through doorways to lengths that extend too far into the room or even a doorway. And the perfect fit isn’t entirely physical. An impulse buy might seem like it could be the sofa of your dreams- until you realize that it impedes the design of the room you wanted to place it in.

That’s why one of the biggest advantages of custom sofas is that they require you to plan ahead and match up every detail. When you plan for and place a custom sofa properly, you can rest assured that it will flow with both the space and design of the room from the moment its delivered to your home.

#3: Custom Sofas Provide Unique Results that You Choose

Ordering a custom sofa can actually save you both time and money over shopping in big box furniture stores, not to mention giving you higher quality results. Designing a custom sofa gives you the ability to choose every single detail that goes into making your unique piece, including the style of its design, its exact size, the type of materials, and any other specifications you want. This means that you can skip the hours of shopping, looking from one sofa to the next, to try to find the one you want.

Custom sofas are the easiest way to get the exact sofa you want. All you have to do is decide what you want and write it down, then let expert craftsmen take it from there. If you want to place your new sofa in an odd space, you can make sure that its size and shape are the right fit. If you can’t find a sofa that really flows with the style of interior design in a room, custom sofas make it easy to get a sofa that will emphasize the style and design of the entire room. Every detail, from the color of the fabric to the way the texture feels against your skin, is entirely up to you—all you have to do is ask!

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