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drapery room divider

3 Reasons Drapery Room Dividers are Awesome

We’ve written about soundproofing before with regards to reducing the sound from outside, and although it’s not likely that draperies can silence your space completely, proper soundproofing materials added to your favorite fabric can make a world of difference.

But what about reducing sound from within your home. For example, what if you want to reduce the sound coming from one room, so you can relax in a room close by?

1. Drapery room dividers reduce sound from room to room

Drapery room dividers made from your favorite fabric and then applied with soundproofing materials are an excellent solution. Not only do they do the job, but they look pretty too!

And what if it’s not just sound, but light that you want to hide from?

2. Drapery room dividers can reduce light

Drapery room dividers can be fitted with blackout materials that drastically reduce the amount of light that is able to travel through the fabric of the draperies.

Look at how this homeowner separated the bedroom from the living room with a curtain divider.

There’s a third reason drapery room dividers are such a great addition to your space:

3. Drapery room dividers add an extra level of privacy

It’s easy to see from the picture that drapery room dividers aren’t limited to reducing sound and light, but also have the added benefit of additional privacy. Not only do you sometimes not want to let light and sound IN, but sometimes you don’t want to let light and sound OUT.

The really cool thing is that you can use any fabric to create your drapery room divider, and one of the best choices—especially if you already have some decorative fabrics and upholstered pieces in your space—is a solid-colored fabric. We recently received a bunch of beautiful, solid-color microsuede fabrics. They inherently blackout light, so all you’d have to do is have them applied with soundproofing materials. See all of our microsuede fabrics, here. Or come into the store and visit!! 212-366-5142

this is a picture of the interior of NFL quarterback Tom Brady's home

8 Homes of NFL Players Who Might Also Be Interior Decorators

With the top professional athletes reeling in huge salaries and contracts, some NFL players have invested their earnings into spicing up their homes with the help of talented interior designers. These NFL players are superstars, and so are the designers that designed their homes:

1. Peyton Manning: Denver, Colorado

this is a picture of the inside of Peyton Manning's home


The home of the reigning MVP and Denver Broncos quarterback is one that is both humble and elegant.

2. Greg Jennings: De Pere, Wisconsin

this is a picture of the interior of NFL's Greg Jenning's home


The ex-Green Bay Packer star wide receiver has put his beautiful Wisconsin home on the market as he leaves for rival Minnesota Vikings.

3. Tom Brady: Los Angeles, California

this is a picture of the interior of NFL quarterback Tom Brady's home


When he isn’t scorching NFL defenses, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady lives in a fashionable estate with wife Gisele Bundchen.

4. Jason Witten: Southlake, Texas

this is a picture of Jason Witten's home


This log cabin-themed bedroom belongs to Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

5. Jay Cutler: Chicago, Illinois

this is a picture of Jay Cutler's home


The star quarterback of the Chicago Bears decided to go with a tasteful all-white color theme from the walls to the furniture, and created an elegant contrast with wood floors in his living room.

6. Eli Manning: Hoboken, New Jersey

this is a picture of Eli Manning's home


The living room of superstar New York Giants quarterback dons a symmetrical color scheme throughout, which is a nice touch in addition to overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

7. Navorro Bowman: San Jose, California

this is a picture of Navorro Bowman's home


All-Pro linebacker Navorro Bowman of the San Francisco 49ers flashes eye-popping chair designs to bring life to the subtle style of his dining room.

8. Cam Newton: Charlotte, North Carolina

this is a picture of Cam Newton's home


One of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, Carolina Panther Cam Newton sports a kitchen that breathes life. From the vibrant wood floors to the accent wall through the doorway, this kitchen has a beautiful interior.

You don’t need a kabillion dollars to design a beautiful home. At beckenstein, we have accredited interior designers on-staff to help you design and decorate. Get in touch to know more. 212-366-5142 or fill out this form:

East Hampton Library: Cushions By Beckenstein

Hundreds of people joined a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the new East Hampton Library, the result of several years of planning, fundraising, and construction.

Last November, Alec Baldwin donated $1 million to the construction of the library, and at the ceremony he presented awards to elementary and middle school students who submitted entries to the library’s writing and drawing contest.

We here at Beckenstein are proud to be a part of such a wonderful project—creating the cushions found around the new library!

Take a look at the cushions we made as part of that cool 16 foot windmill:

east hampton library

And here are some more pictures from the festivities:

east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library east hampton library

We’ve worked on libraries before. See the work we did at the Julian Street Library at Princeton University.