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albert einstein messy desk

7-Day Plan to an Organized Home Office (SO EASY it’s HILARIOUS) has a great article explaining how to get your home office looking neat and clean. Here’s a really short, simple version of their day by day plan:

Day 1: Paper

Get rid of the paper you don’t need.

Day 2: Non-paper

Get rid of the non-paper stuff you don’t need.

Day 3: Paper and non-paper

Organize all your stuff.

Day 4: Time to clean

Dust, vacuum, wipe, and whatever else you do to clean.

Day 5: Do you like your chair?

Get a comfy chair.

Day 6: Add a personal touch.

Maybe frame a picture of people in your family or something.

Day 7, 8, 9, 10, and beyond: Don’t let it get dirty, unorganized, and full of useless paper and non-paper, and for Pete’s sake, don’t lose that newly framed picture of your family..

Yeah. Do all that =)

For the full post on, click here.

Or, maybe consider letting your home office just do its thing, like ALBERT EINSTEIN did (which seemed to work just fine..).

albert einstein cluttered desk meme

gorgeous microsuede fabric that's on sale in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors

Microsuede Sale – NYC – 66% Off!!

We just received 17 beautiful microsuede upholstery and window treatment fabrics, and we are selling them for 66% off!!

Normally $75 per yard, they can be yours for only $25 per yard!!!

They are so lush and gorgeous!!

gorgeous microsuede fabric that's on sale in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors

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picture of a custom-made love seat made in NYC by beckenstein fabric and interiors

Custom Love Seat – NYC

A really amazing designer, James Rixner, came to us with a project..

His client needed to have a love seat custom made to fit his height, so we had to decrease the seat depth, the legs, and the back. We also stained the 7 inch legs a gorgeous ebony, which goes really nicely with the fabric the client and James picked out for the love seat and the pillows.

Take a look:

picture of a custom-made love seat made in NYC by beckenstein fabric and interiorsHaving furniture custom-made is the best way to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Read more about buying and creating custom furniture, here.



This house is so small it’s hilariously awesome!!

We stumbled on this while checking out a cool blog we follow.

What would do if you had to build a house with only 221 square feet of floor space?

This couple did it, and it’s actually awesome.

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Bedroom Makeover: Subtle Changes that Can Make a Big Difference



Redecorating your entire living space is a tedious, expensive task that rarely fits into most busy lifestyles. Nonetheless, a decorative overhaul can work wonders for transitioning into a new chapter of your life. Rather than tackling a massive renovation project, start where you begin each day: your bedroom. Redecorating can be cleansing and liberating, and best of all, it can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

Out with the Old

Determine which furniture pieces you want to keep, replace, and which you’re ready to ditch. Mix and match furniture, and don’t be afraid to break up a matched set. Moving furniture around in a room can make everything feel new and different. Get rid of anything that doesn’t inspire you. Determine which pieces might need to be replaced. For example, if your couches are looking worn, replacing them with new couches or futons can enhance the look and feel of a room.



Photo by tree_lit via Flickr

In with the Color

Your color choices can have a dramatic effect on the mood and spatial sense of your room. For example, warm colors can make large rooms feel more intimate, but they can also make a small room seem even smaller. Reds are stimulating and high-energy but opt for deeper, rich variations that will make the room appear more elegant than overstimulating. Orange promotes energy and excitement, which may hinder your ability to fall asleep so keep it minimal. Yellow is a cheerful hue but is better when used as an accent color as well. Studies show that yellow rooms can cause people to get frustrated and make babies cry more, notes Freshome.



Photo by Mirage floors via Flickr

Cool colors have a calming effect and can make rooms feel more spacious. Dark purple can cast a dramatic vibe over the room and if used as an accent color, can create depth. Blues and greens are relaxing and tranquil and can be calming if used as the prevailing color in your room.

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors, such as browns, grays and whites. A neutral-toned room is versatile with any style and can be changed with the season or with your taste.

Up with Your Decor

If you like to stay trendy, metal, especially brass, is a popular decorating trend this season. Bright brass can look dated, so stick with matte finishes. Other trends include pairing brass with wood, using agates as accents, faux animal hide accents, chunky knits and mirrors with decorative frames.

If you want a more classic look, go for muted accents and subtle changes. Window treatments can change the feel of a room. Drapes are best for a classic look while Roman shades add a touch of elegance to a room. For an earthy vibe, considers woven wood shades from the eco-friendly collections.



Photo by emily katherine may via Flickr

If you want to decorate with fabrics and prints, use rugs and throw pillows from around the world. Throw pillows can combine colors and patterns together to get the best representation of your style. When trends change, you can easily swap your pillows to fit. Trendy colors and patterns this year are yellow and purple, especially Radiant Orchid, which was named Pantone’s 2014 color of the year. A popular pattern is ikat, as well as feather prints and animal hide.



Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Regardless of what is in season, stay true to your own style and remember that what you like today, you might not like next year.

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