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Design Custom Furniture in NYC

Design custom furniture in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors.











Specialty Ottomans and Benches







design-your-own-custom-furniture-in-nyc-9.jpgDesign your own custom furniture in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors. If you can dream it, we can make.

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Just Half Price Fabrics… No Biggie… – Discount Fabric NYC

We were thinking about making all of our in-stock fabric 25% off when you make an order that involves custom labor, like getting your sofa reupholstered, or having custom window treatments created…

But that was just…


So, we decided to make it 50% off.

I mean, if you can save 25% (which is awesome), then it stands to reason that if you can save double that, it’s super awesome.


Come visit and take a look at our in-stock fabric.


It’s really a lot of fun!!

Plus, after you find fabric you like, you can sit at our huge workstation in the center of our showroom and talk to our in-house design consultants about your project.

And they only charge a hundred bucks an hour!!

Jk, it’s free! =)

Okay, so that’s that. Get in touch if you have any questions, and come see our in-stock fabrics today!!

Or tomorrow.

Or any day until the end of February, because that’s how long the in-stock fabric is 50% off with custom labor.

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5 Interior Decorating Fails

Five hilarious interior decorating fails, because good design ideas come from happy people. 

Interior design and Interior decorating inspiration can come in many forms: The gorgeous work of another designer, a bouquet of flowers, the ocean.. Anything!! It hits you and inspires you to create. It’s an amazing feeling.

But sometimes inspiration can come from seeing something that is clearly not up to your standards (that’s the nicest way I could think to say that…).

That said…

Here are 5 interior decorating and interior design fails:

We’re not saying you shouldn’t put swords above your baby’s playpen, but we actually are, so don’t. 



Is it just me, or did a zebra explode? Oh, it was a purple zebra? Got it…



There’s nothing wrong with this. We just prefer Ralph Lauren. #jkThisIsHorrible

furniture upholstery repair


Yes I’m here to see Tim Burton. Is he around? 


“This room used to be WAY too ‘MATCHY.'” -Person who lives here



and lastly…

Really? THOSE tiles? 😉



Well, that’s that. We hope you had as much fun reading this as we had writing it!!

Sharing a Bedroom in NYC: Custom Has Never Been so Important

In the Home & Garden section of the NY Times, there was recently an article titled, My Brother’s Bunkmate. It’s an interesting read about what it’s like to raise kids of opposite gender, with no choice but to have them share a room.

Aside from not having to “do two bedtimes,” and the fact that the children entertain each other, Ms. Goldstein and her husband simply have no choice. They aren’t quite ready to spring for the 1.6 million dollar listings.

The article goes on to discuss the issue of gender and development, and what the affects of sharing a bedroom are, if any.

We don’t claim to know anything about that…

But we do have one thing to contribute:

Gender development aside, it’s important to be an individual, and when sharing a bedroom, there are interesting things you can do to remind each child that they are unique, and they are their own person.

Custom Bedding

Why not let each kid pick out his or her own fabric to make a duvet cover? That could be a lot of fun!! Maybe even custom pillows!!

slipcovers for leather couchesImage credit:

Wall Upholstery

It could also be really fun to have the kids pick out their favorite fabric for their own upholstered wall. Imagine the wall in front of one kid’s bed upholstered with dark purple tufted fabric, and the other with a rich grasscloth. Make the search for their favorite fabric walls an adventure! Actually, maybe something with giraffes…

wall-upholstery-nycImage credit:

Custom Window Treatments

Obviously if you have two windows in the bedroom you can have different fabric for the window treatments. It’s okay to have different colors, but try to keep the style and length the same so it’s not too “clashy.” Oh! What about shades, but with different color fabric tapes!! Yes!!

cloth-tape-blindsImage credit:

There’s so much you can do to make sharing a bedroom more fun for your kids. The trick is to have fun! Be creative!! Try new things and learn from THEM. Sometimes their whimsical design choices can be a breath of fresh air. Your job is to take their ideas and make them work. Or don’t… But it’s worth a shot.. =)

Do you have anything to add? What would you do to make sharing a bedroom a fun experience that promoted individuality? Tell us in the comments!!

Beckenstein Yelp Review: “Beckenstein’s saved the day!”

We received a really nice Yelp review!!

nice yelp review for beckenstein fabric and interiors

Elisa Writes: “Beckenstein’s saved the day! I had to have blinds installed in my city apartment in one week. They assessed what was needed, measured, recommended what to install and completed installation without delay. It was a fret free experience in every way. What a pleasure it was to work with them.”

Thanks, Elisa!!

Art Matters: Bergdorf Goodman and Grey Area Collaborate


Since January 31st, Bergdorf Goodman and Grey Area have been showcasing an installation called Art Matters. Here are some links to pictures and information about the installation!!

Instagram Photos Tagged with #artmatters

Photos taken by Tracy Jackson

“The windows are worth seeing if you are in New York and should be up for the next month.”

Information and Photos on the Bergdorf Goodman Blog

Here’s what their blog post about the installation says:

This spring, art is our muse.  Therefore it only makes sense to kick off New York Fashion Week with an incredibly unique installation created in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Grey Area.  Expanding beyond Fifth Avenue, this installation will feature ten artists for ten spaces, including Peter D. GerakarisAdam Parker Smith and a unique installation from performance artist Andrea Mary Marshall (see below for a complete list).  While the Fifth Avenue installation will be revealed Friday, January 31, our 58th Street will unveil next week.

Stay tuned for photos, videos and more as Art Matters! unfolds on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street… until then, click through the above slideshow for a preview of what the Grey Area team and participating artists have been up to (like splatter-painting the Third Floor with a Japanese fan).  For more insider scoop, follow the #BGWindows and #ArtMatters tags on instagram and twitter.  Also, follow @bergdorfs’ instagram on Friday, January 31 as Grey Area takes the helm and shows you just how the installation is unfolding.

[10 Artists for 10 Spaces]
Christopher Astley * Mattia Biagi * Kristin Cammermeyer * Sebastian Errazuriz * Lionel Esteve * Peter D. Gerakaris * Andrea Mary Marshall * Adam Parker Smith * Kasper Sonne * WXYZ x Laura Wass   Created in collaboration with Grey Area.

Have you seen the installation at Bergdorf Goodman? Tell us what you thought!!