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Duralee Trim NYC – Buy it at Beckenstein

picture of duralee indoor/outdoor trim

If you’re looking to buy Duralee Trim in NYC, Beckenstein is your number one source.

And this post features Duralee indoor / outdoor trim, which is great because it stands up to light and weather!!

Perfect for the winter!!

Take a look at Duralee Pavilion Volume III pictures:

Here’s what you can expect from indoor / outdoor fabric and trim:

Enduring Color

Colors stay vibrant even when exposed to intense sunlight. It can also be power washed and it won’t fade!

Soft to the Touch

Even though they’re durable, they’re still soft and inviting to the touch.

Worry Free

Because indoor / outdoor fabric is so easy to clean, it’s virtually worry free!!

So, if you’re looking for durable, easy to clean fabric and trim in NYC, check out the Duralee indoor / outdoor trim in this post, and also make sure to get in touch and ask about our indoor / outdoor fabric!

Duralee trim is available in NYC at Beckenstein.

Custom Upholstery Silver Spring MD: Buy it from Beckenstein

If you’re looking to get custom upholstery in Silver Spring MD, look no further!! Beckenstein’s got you covered!!

Look at this job we just finished at a gorgeous apartment complex in Silver Spring MD called Heritage.

We are based in NYC, but we often complete jobs in other cities, states, even countries!!

So, if you’re looking for custom upholstery in Silver Spring MD, get in touch. We’d love love love to hear from you. =)


Larsen Fabric NYC – Fabric of the Week

picture of larsen fabric in nyc

If you’re looking to buy Larsen fabric in NYC, look no further!! It’s the Beckenstein fabric of the week!!

They are gorgeous, and for some reason, they remind us of snuggling up in the winter. And what perfect fabric to snuggle with. They are so soft!! You have to feel for yourself..

super soft larsen fabrics

So, if you’re looking to buy Larsen fabric in NYC, get in touch!! We’d love to talk about your project. =)


Grasscloth Wallpaper NYC – Buy it at Beckenstein

If you’re looking to buy grasscloth wallpaper in NYC, look no further. Beckenstein has it!

Grasscloth wallpaper has made a huge comeback. In part, it’s charm is in its irregularities! Because of the nature of the plant fibres, as well as the production process, there are oftentimes inevitable irregularities regarding the aspect and thickness of the wall covering, including color shades. But this is actually what gives the product its charm and unique character!!

picture of grasscloth wallpaper

Here are some frequently asked questions about grasscloth wallpaper:

Can grasscloth be used in a bathroom or other room that experiences high levels of humidity?

The short answer is “no.” Grasscloth is absorbent and can only be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner—not any other standard bathroom or surface cleaners, as it could damage the grasscloth. If, however, you have a bathroom that is very large and doesn’t get steamy, by all means, give it a shot!! But please do be mindful of the nature of the grasscloth wallpaper.

How do you match grasscloth wallpaper?

Because of the nature of grasscloth, you don’t match it. The natural, non-dyed grasscloth wallpaper is never going to be uniform in color. As mentioned above, this is in large part the beauty of grasscloth wallpaper!!

Anything else to keep in mind about grasscloth wallpaper?

Well, yeah!! And this is by no means an exhaustive list of questions. But here’s one more thing to keep in mind: CATS. Cats LOVE climbing up and scratching grasscloth wallpaper, especially one with deep ridges between the thicker fibres. So, keep that in mind if you have a cat, or if Michelle Pfieffer lives there.

If you’re looking to buy grasscloth wallpaper in NYC, get in touch with us! We have a lot to show you!!


Window Treatments NYC – Buy Them at Beckenstein

Looking to buy window treatments in NYC?

Well, you should be.

We’ve written about why window treatments are a wonderful thing to have, especially if you live in NYC: for noise reduction and blacking out a room so you can sleep!!

But there are aesthetic reason as well:

picture of beautiful window treatments in NYC that you can buy at Beckenstein

Custom window treatments provide the finishing touch for every room with the proper balance of design and function.

The decorative hardware that you hang the fabric from is also a gorgeous addition to any room. And you can even get motorized window shades. Super cool.

Window Treatments NYC

So, if you’re looking to buy window treatments in NYC, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!!


Nobilis Fabric NYC – Fabric of the Week

Looking to buy Nobilis fabric in NYC?

Beckenstein has it!!!

Take a look at the featured fabric of the week by Nobilis:

Picture of beautiful fabric by Nobilis Paris in NYC.

This Nobilis fabric is part of their Voyages collection.

So, if you’re looking to get Nobilis fabric in NYC, look no further.

Buy Nobilis fabric in NYC at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors.


Velvet Fabric NYC – Buy it at Beckenstein

Looking to buy velvet fabric in NYC?

You can buy velvet fabric in NYC at Beckenstein!!

And we happen to know a LOT about it.

Learn a bit about how velvet is made by looking at this picture, then reading the information that corresponds to the numbers:

picture of velvet fabric in nyc

  1. Ground fabric. This is what the thread is woven into to make the…
  2. Epinglé. What is epinglé, you ask? Epinglé is thread once it is woven into the ground fabric. In the picture, it’s the lighter grey part of the pattern, and when you sheer it, you get…
  3. Velvet!! The darker grey part of the pattern is the velvet, made by sheering the epinglé.

That’s just a little something to know about velvet. There’s SO MUCH more to learn, and so many things to consider when choosing the right velvet for you and your project.

So, if you’re looking to buy velvet fabric in NYC, get in touch! We’d love to teach you more about velvet, and answer any questions you may have.