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Armless Sofa Upholstery NYC: Before and After Photo

Armless Sofa Upholstery in NYC at the famous Beckenstein Fabrics Workroom

Take a look at this picture of an armless sofa before it was reupholstered:

picture of a an armless sofa before it was reupholsteredImagine hosting an out of town friend and telling him or her that this is where they’ll be sleeping… Not…cool…

Now, check out the after photo of the armless sofa after it was reupholstered in NYC by Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors:

picture of an armless sofa after it was reupholstered


Aren’t before and after photos fun? We tried to get the sofa to hold a newspaper like they do in weight loss ads, but it was like “Um…I would, but I don’t have ARMS! …or hands…”

Funny sofa… It’s a good thing you’re pretty. =)

Want to see more before and after pictures of upholstery form Beckenstein’s famous NYC workroom? Click, here!

Want to get a piece reupholstered? Get in touch!

Featured Fabric of the Week: Andrew Martin – Archive Collection – Grace Velvet Fabric

From the Andrew Martin Archive Collection, we bring you Grace Velvet Fabric: “A posing princess printed on Velvet, great for cushions.”

It’s really beautiful, and the texture is amazing—soft and plush.

Take a look:

fabric from andrew martin, sold by beckenstein fabric and interiors fabric from andrew martin, sold by beckenstein fabric and interiors

We have the whole Archive Collection, so get in touch if you think you have a piece that could use it! =)

Antique Furniture NYC: Flea Market in Hell’s Kitchen

Looking for antique furniture in NYC? Check out the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market located on 39th between 9th and 10th. It happens every Saturday and Sunday, 9AM to 5PM all year long!

Check out these photos from a recent visit to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Finding antique furniture in NYC for great prices is possible if you know where to look, and the flea market in Hell’s Kitchen is an awesome find.

What cool flea markets are you aware of? Let us know in the comments.

Transitional Decor: Transitional Decorating Ideas

Transitional decor or transitional style is a blending of traditional and contemporary styles.

furniture covers


Think “new takes on old classics,” or “classic with a contemporary twist.”

Traditional style design can be very ornate, and contemporary style design can be overly basic with its use of chrome and glass, and straight lines. Somewhere in the middle lives transitional style design, and the result—when done well—can make for a timeless look that remains classic and clean at the same time.

Contemporary furniture can, sometimes, be less practical because its focus is on looking modern, as opposed to being right for everyday use, like actually using the furniture, being comfortable for both kids and adults, and flexible with regards to minor changes in the decor of the room. That’s not to say contemporary furniture is uncomfortable and impractical by nature; sometimes it is, but ultimately it’s a matter of opinion.

What do you think of transitional decor? Do you have anything to add regarding how to define it?

Here are a couple photos of transitional decor from Houzz. Make sure to check us out if you haven’t already. =)

furniture covers
furniture covers
furniture covers
furniture covers
furniture covers

Pierre Deux Fabric NYC – Sale for a limited time!!

Pierre Deux fabric is on sale in NYC for a limited time at Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors:

Check out the Pierre Deux fabric we have in stock and take 30% off the listed price!!!

See the fabric and prices, here.

You can also preview them below:

So, if you want some really low-priced Pierre Deux fabric, let us know!! As always, Beckenstein’s got you covered. =)


Reupholster Couch NYC

You might want to reupholster your couch in NYC if it looks like this:


Okay… So it’s probably not that bad, but there are other reasons to reupholster your couch.

Here’s a picture of a couch that, at first glance, looks like it’s newly upholstered, and it may very well be, but unfortunately, the people doing it made a HUGE mistake. See if you notice what’s wrong:


If you said “IT’S MADE OUT OF A CACTUS!!” you’re right!! But that’s actually not the picture we wanted to show you. Look at this upholstery job and see if you know what’s wrong:


Aside from the fact that it’s a chair, and not a couch, are you able to see what’s wrong with it? Take a look at the seams. Don’t they look…wrong?

The pattern doesn’t flow across seams! There’s no continuity! That’s an amateur mistake, but it’s surprising how often you’ll see it now that you know to look. So, make sure you get your couch or chair reupholstered by people that know the intricacies of the art, and who’ve mastered it over a long period of time.

“You guys are just writing this blog post to sell me on your services,” you say. Ding ding ding!! You got THAT right!

But it’s not without reason.

Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors has been around for over 100 years. We know the business, and we have one of the most skilled group of people working at our gorgeous workroom in Long Island City where thousands of couches and chairs are reupholstered every single year.

So, give us a call at 212-366-5142 and let’s talk about your couch or chair that you want reupholstered. You can also email us at

Reupholster Couch NYC: Beckenstein Has You Covered

An Upholstery Story That Will Warm Your Heart

When Hurricane Sandy hit, many were left with ruined or nearly ruined furniture. For some, replacing the furniture was the only option. For others, repairs were not only possible, but considering the sentimental value of pieces that had been in the family for generations, something just HAD to be done.

Here’s a really nice story about how Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors was able to help a family salvage the furniture that holds a special place in their home and hearts.

I know it’s odd to refer to an upholsterer as “heroic”, but that’s what Garry Greenberg and the whole team at Beckenstein Fabric & Interiors were for us!  When Superstorm Sandy swamped our home by the beach, pouring sea water and who knows what else all over our heirloom furniture, items that had been in our families for three generations, we didn’t know which way to turn!  All we knew was that we had to get the furniture out, and fast!  Here’s the heroic part – without knowing us as previous clients, I called Garry out of the blue three days after the storm and begged him to pick up our furniture for restoring.  Garry did not hesitate – he had a truck out to our house within days, allowing us to begin the necessary demolition and mold removal sooner than anyone else in our area.  Garry doled out the furniture to the various artisans necessary to restore it all and then proceeded to warehouse the repaired pieces for 10 months, waiting while our house was repaired and in a condition to receive the furniture back.  I truly don’t know what we would have done without them.  The storm was definitely very traumatic, but Garry and the crew at Beckenstein’s provided a relative calm during an otherwise tumultuous time.  We will be grateful every time we sit our grandmother’s couch!


Thank you, Heather, for the heartwarming message. We are so happy to have helped.

Do you have furniture you need reupholstered? Send us a picture. We’d love to guide you through the process.

Get in touch, here.