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Bedroom Ideas: Inspirational Pictures

Bedroom ideas are often the cause of a bit of stress. After all, you have to sleep in that room. Here are some pictures of bedrooms Beckenstein has worked on with talented designers over the years. Enjoy!! And we hope this inspires you!!


Designed by Dale Eramo, this masculine bedroom is sure to inspire. The rich reds and browns make this space feel cozy and private.

See more from Dale Eramo, here.



Playful but cozy, this is the perfect bedroom for a young boy. Sleepovers are so much cooler with bunk beds!

See more from Dale Eramo, here.



This master bedroom is fabulous. Brown and white is such a gorgeous combination, and this is sure to get you thinking about some awesome bedroom decorating ideas.

See more from Dale Eramo, here.

6 Important Things to Remember When Buying Fabric

Headed to a fabric store in NYC, or in any city for that matter?

Here are 6 things to ask yourself or consider before heading to the store:

[download the fabric buying checklist]

1. Where will the fabric you’re buying be used?

Will the fabric be used indoors? Outdoors? Or both? It matters, so know the answer! And guess what? It’s usually an easy answer to come up with. For example, unless lightning strikes a tree nearby, your living room is probably going to remain inside. =)

2. Will the fabric be exposed to a lot of natural light?

Now, the answer to this seems related to the one above. After all, if it’s outdoors, it must mean there’s a lot of natural sunlight. But what if the fabric is to be used indoors? Does that mean there isn’t a lot of natural sunlight? NO!! Because chances are you don’t live in a cave, and you have windows, which means you might get a lot of natural sunlight inside.

If you don’t have windows, check this post out for ideas that might help brighten up the room.

3. What colors are you interested in for the project you’re about to start?

It doesn’t take long. Think of the colors you love. There are basically an infinite number of fabric possibilities out there, so be creative and have fun!

4. What textures of fabric are you interested in?

Just like fabric colors, the texture options are many. Smooth, brushed, tweed, satin, etc. If you’re unsure, that’s okay too! But if possible, start recognizing fabric textures you like, and ask whoever it belongs to what type of texture it is.

5. What room or area will the fabric be used in?

This seems like a pretty obvious question, but you might be surprised… Fabric is an awesome way to tie rooms together.

6. What else is in the room that you might want to compliment?

“You look great, honey!” Not that kind of compliment, ya goof! Is there a piece of furniture you want to accentuate, Jazz up, completely hide (think slipcovers)?

We hope this post about 6 helpful things to remember when buying fabric was helpful. What are some of your tricks to making fabric buying more efficient and enjoyable? Leave a comment below!

Plus, we have a free download for you!! Here’s your free printable checklist, so you are prepared!! Click here to open the fabric buying checklist.

Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 1.

Here are three more things to keep in mind when coming up with living room ideas:

Do you want to tie two rooms together? 

A really cool trick to make the decor of your home seem more “designed” is by the use of color. For example, you can tie two rooms together by using a prominent color in one room as accent color in another. Look at this room, for example:

Picture of a living room and another room tied together by use of color.


The color red is used a lot in one of the rooms, and red accents are sprinkled throughout the living room. Such a cool idea! Now, if they’d just paint the dog red, it’d be SO cool! 😉

How do I make the living room in my apartment seem less cave-like?

This doesn’t apply only to living rooms; it’s relevant for any rooms that don’t have windows. But if you’re like most people living in an apartment in New York, and you’ve flexed it to add a bedroom, you may very well not have a window in your living room. So, here’s an idea to prevent your living room from seeming dark and gloomy. Don’t paint it dark!! Duh… Use light colors and brighter artwork to add some life to the room. Brightly colored throw pillows can also help! Kick it up a notch by have a couple pillows made with your favorite fabric!

What if I can’t paint my walls? Or, what if I just don’t feel like it?

If you rent, you may not want to paint your walls. Even if you own your home you may not want to paint, because, well, you just don’t feel like it! I know we mention it a lot, but pillows pillows pillows! They’re so much fun and can add life to any room! You can also supplement your living room ideas with a cool patterned rug or a fun, even crazy slipcover for your couch! Seriously, imagine pillows with this fabric:

Picture of fun fabric called lollipop by shumacher. Great for lively living room ideas.


(Lollipop by Schumacher)

Isn’t that fabric just adorable? Look at that happy couple!

So, there you have it. Three more ideas for your living room. We hope you enjoyed this installment. Stay tuned for Part 3!

Tell us some of your living room tricks in the comments, below!

Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work – Part 1

When considering ideas for your living room, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when making your living room ideas come to life:

How much space do you have, and how do you make it feel homey?

Having a ton of space is certainly a nice problem to have. For those with that “issue,” you can still make your living space feel homey and cozy by placing furniture like chairs and sofas close together. Just make sure to leave enough space for foot traffic. Have some fun looking through the latest pins on Pinterest of white living rooms.

How do you keep your living room simple, while at the same time making a statement?

There are so many great looking, fun products out there to choose from to decorate your living room. Tables, chairs, wall art, rugs, and more. It’s easy to over do it. So, we recommend starting simple, and adding accents. A really great way to do that is with fun fabric. For instance, imagine a simple, well-made sofa with a simple fabric pattern. Now imagine it with a couple of pillows that you had made with your favorite, fun fabric! Like this picture of a penthouse on 5th Avenue we worked on:

Picture of a gorgeous living room that uses custom fabric accents to add personality to the room.

Read more about custom fabric, here.

What if you’re sick of the design in a year?

If the base of your living room design is grounded in simple, neutral pieces, you won’t have a problem! Just change the accents. Upholster new pillows, or reupholster ones you already have with your favorite fabric of the season. Have a custom slipcover made for your couch; it’s like getting a whole new piece of furniture!

This is a great place to stop for now. Stay tuned for additional installments of Living Room Ideas: Fun Tricks to Make it Work. 

(Read part two, here)

And let us know some of your ideas about living room design by leaving a comment, below.

Is it Drapes or Draperies?

Here’s a question that we hear a lot:

Is it “drapes” or “draperies?”

We did a google search and found a really great post by a guy named Mark Scott explaining why it’s “draperies,” not “drapes,” because “drapes” is a verb.

He goes on to say,

Now, if you sell window treatments for a living, as I do, keep in mind that people do not want to pay good money for a verb. Verbs are fleeting. Always in motion and seldom ready to stand-alone. They need a subject or object to lean on. People want something self-reliant, long-lasting – something that’s gonna stick around for a while – like a noun. It’s stationary, fixed, not goin’ anywhere and proud of it.

Read the rest of the post, here.

What do you think? Is it “drapes” or “draperies?” Leave a comment below. =)

A Really Nice Note Sent From a Happy Client

We received a really nice note from a happy client the other day. Take a look!

A picture of a nice note from a very happy client of Beckenstein Fabric and Interiors.

Dear Gary,
You guys did a fantastic job on our furniture! The Schumacher Chenonceau looks great—you placed the pattern perfectly on each piece. And the reconstruction on the chairs is first rate. Thank you for your follow-up call—we’ve been meaning to send this note! Please pass our thanks and praise to your whole team!
Jonathan and Stephen