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Fifth Avenue Penthouse – Dale Eramo and Beckenstein Fabrics

The penthouse concepts came from many ideas and inspirational tears I had been collecting for a while.  The whole process went very smoothly and the clients were very happy with the quality of the work.  Beckenstein Fabrics helped me make the deadlines and all of my ideas come to life.

-Dale Eramo-

Check out Dale Eramo’s website for more of his amazing work.

1 - Entryway 2 - Entryway 2 3 - Entryway 3 4 - Living Room 1 5 - Living Room 2 6 - Living Room 3 7 - Dining 1 8 - Dining 2 9 - Guest Room 1 10 - Guest Room 2 11 - Guest Room 3 12 - Master 1 13 - Master 2 14 - Master 3 15 - Kids Room 1 16 - Kids Room 2

How to Choose a Couch: Get Rid of Couch Ouch

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Image is from the NY Times article this post discusses

In a recent NY Times article titled “Analyzing the Couch,” Steven Kurutz investigated whether or not spending five figures on a couch was worth the money. What’s the difference in design and construction of a high-end sofa versus a budget model?

The answer Kurutz arrived at is this:

  • A sofa that’s less than $1,000 is probably not constructed well at all. The manufacturer is probably cutting corners.
  • You don’t have to pay $10,000 (or more) for a great, high quality sofa. There are certainly options that are the Porches of sofas, but they are not the only options for those looking to own a beautiful, solid sofa.
  • You can get a beautiful, well-made sofa for $1,500 to $4,000 dollars.

Read the entire article, here.

At Beckenstein Fabrics, we offer the answers Kurutz arrived at, and we also allow you the opportunity to customize your sofa’s construction and fabric.

What makes us special:

Normally, you’d go to a showroom with a designer and purchase a sofa through his or her account. The designer will charge a 30-40 percent commission, meaning you’ll be paying 30-40 percent above the net wholesale price. We, on the other hand, provide you the custom option for the net wholesale price without paying commission to a designer. And the really great thing is that you don’t have to stress about any lack of knowledge regarding design options because we provide (and pay for) design consultants as part of our service to you! Additionally, to ensure your complete satisfaction, we provide what we like to call a “sit-on.” You get to try the sofa while it’s still finished in muslin, before the final finishing of the cover, allowing you to make adjustments regarding firmness and height! 

We look forward to helping you! So get in touch: